Amazon Gift Cards Gambling Review - Guide to Using Amazon Gift Cards to Deposit Funds into Online Casinos, Sportsbooks and Poker Sites

Amazon Gift CardUpdate: This option was short lived. Only 1 gambling site accepted Amazon gift cards, but they stopped a while back. We recommend US players checking out any of these:

All of these options are confirmed working well as of April 2024.

Amazon Gift Card gambling is one of the new creative ways that US residents can fund their online gambling accounts. Amazon is the largest online retailer in the world, and you'd be hard pressed to find someone who hasn't heard of and used their services. Why? Because they sell just about anything you could ever want to buy, and they usually have it for the best price.

Amazon may not be your first thought however, when it comes to funding your online gambling account. Using this type of payment method for online betting is a new option to players, so we felt it worthwhile to provide a how-to guide that shows you the ropes and provides you with valuable information to consider when determining if using this option is a good fit for you. Following you will find a step by step guide on how to use Amazon Gift Cards to deposit funds into your online casino, sportsbook or poker accounts, as well as some do's and don'ts when purchasing your gift cards.

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    Casinos That Accept Amazon Gift Card Deposits


    Sportsbooks That Accept Amazon Gift Cards


    Poker Sites That Accept Amazon Prepaid Gift Cards


    How To Use Amazon Gift Cards to Fund Your Online Betting Account

    There are a few ground rules for using Amazon Gift Cards to fund your online gambling entertainment, and a process to follow to ensure your funds are credited to your account properly and timely. While there are currently only one or two destinations accepting these types of cards, we wouldn't be surprised to see this option spread over to other online gambling destinations as its popularity grows. The ease of use for this payment method will ensure it becomes a widely utilized option, particularly among USA residents.

    How To Use Apple Pay To Deposit Money Into Your Online Gambling Account

    Once you have completed your registration, your next step is to make your first deposit. Click your way over to the deposit section of the website that you have chosen to use and select Apple Pay from their menu of payment options. Simply set the amount you wish to deposit and click the button associated with Apple Pay.

    You will then be prompted on your iPhone to authenticate the transfer of funds into your gambling wallet by using your fingerprint on the Touch ID or your face via Face ID (or a password if you choose not to use these iPhone features). You should then receive a notification that the funds were successfully transferred, and an email invoice from Apple will be sent to the email address that you have on file.

    Getting Started - Steps for Using Amazon Gift Cards for Online Gambling Account Funding

    1. The first step is to register for a player account at a legitimate online gambling destination that accepts Amazon Gift Card deposits. You will find a list of recommended brands further down on this page. We expect the list to grow as more players and gambling businesses learn about this payment method.

    2. Purchase your Amazon Gift Card in a brick and mortar retail location in a denomination between $50 and $200 (or according to the limits in place at the virtual gambling destination at which you are depositing funds). Be sure to keep your receipt – you will need it! You can find a list of participating retailers here: **Digital and virtual gift cards will not be accepted for payment for online gambling. FYI, most CVS and Walgreens stores carry these cards.

    3. Take a picture of the front and back of the Amazon Gift Card, including a clear view of the 15 digit code on the back (must have already been scratched off). You must also take a picture of the purchase receipt from the retailer that you visited when you bought your card. The pictures must be crystal clear. Blurry pictures will not suffice for any transaction.

    4. Send an email to customer support that includes attachments of pictures from the front and back of the card and the receipt.

    5. You should receive your funds within 45 minutes, however it is usually done much quicker than that. Please keep in mind that this payment method is not guaranteed to be accepted every single day and is subject to availability. Verify availability prior to purchasing your prepaid card.

    Currently the only site that is accepting this payment method is Betonline. They are a full service online casino, poker room and sportsbook and are one of the most reputable online sites around that still cater to USA players.

    Betonline has action everywhere you turn. For casino games, they feature a full downloadable casino suite that uses RTG (Real Time Gaming) software. They also have the instant play available as well. In addtion they feature live dealer casino games that include blackjack, baccarat, texas holdem, roulette and war.

    For sports betting, they are in a class of their own and are known for having the best betting options available to players. I bet here myself, and it's a dream compared to other sites. At Betonline, I can buy points, bet on team totals, parlays, teasers, pleasers, progressive pleasers and so much more. Football, basketball, tennis, mma, political props - you name it and they've got a line on it.

    For poker, they have 2 different poker rooms. I will be honest, it's not all that busy at either. But you can find some $10-$20 games and non stop $10 no limit, so plenty of action for the regular player. I also like playing poker here because a lot of sports bettors come to the tables trying to recoup the money they just lost in sports betting, so it's easy pickens imo.

    As for funding your account, Betonline is the only site that understands the challenges US players face when trying to fund their betting accounts. They have all sorts of easy prepaid options for American players which include Vanilla, Paypal My Cash, Walmart Gift Cards and many others.

    What You Need To Know Before You Use Amazon Gift Cards To Fund Your Online Gambling

    1. The minimum and maximum deposit amounts for Amazon Gift Card Gambling: Typically the minimum deposit for using Amazon Gift Cards is $50 and the Maximum per day is typically around $200, though it can vary from site to site based on individual policies. Also – in most cases only one card per day is accepted, so you are unable to use multiple cards to meet the minimum or maximum deposit limits. A $200 or similar maximum deposit limit may not appease high rollers or those accustomed to depositing and betting in excess of this amount. Be sure to verify this information prior to purchasing your gift card as transactions cannot be revoked after initiating them.

    2. Only physical Amazon Gift Cards purchased at brick and mortar retailers are eligible to be used for funding online gambling entertainment. You may not use a digital or virtual Amazon Gift Card for depositing money into or out of your casino, sportsbook or poker account. Some of the brick and mortar retailers that sell Amazon Gift Cards include drug stores, grocery stores, convenience stores, gas stations, hardware stores, big box discount stores and toy stores, among others.

    3. Withdrawals Using Amazon Gift Cards: Withdrawing your account funds using your Amazon Gift Card does not translate into cash as far as withdrawals are concerned. You may use your winnings at the Amazon Website, but are unable to make other types of transactions other than those approved by Amazon and their partners. The limits are often higher for payouts using Amazon Gift Cards, and can range up to $1000. The minimum payout for Amazon GC is usually $50.

    4. Submitting Your Information: Be prepared to digitally photograph your Amazon Gift Card and purchase receipt in order to provide required information to the online gambling site at which you are registered. The pictures must be perfectly clear and reflect all required information. Blurry images will render the transaction null and void. You will need to make sure you keep track of your receipt from you card purchase, as it is required information when you proceed with account funding. Once you have acquired all your photos, you simply email them to the customer support team at the gambling site at which you are betting.

    5. This funding method is subject to availability for both deposits and payouts, hence you need to verify with your chosen gambling site that it is being accepted on the day you intend to make your deposit. If it is not being accepted, most sites will provide you with a list of alternatives for proceeding with your account funding.

    Disclaimer: Amazon does not endorse this website or any other online gambling resource/betting venue.