Most Trusted Prepaid Casinos

Trusted IconWhen choosing a safe prepaid online casino, one of the foremost considerations that players have is the banking suite available. Due to the American UIGEA law, US players tend to have fewer deposit options than international players, and traditional credit and debit deposits are occasionally blocked by banks, delaying transactions, and online gambling opportunities.

One of the best ways around this is to use a prepaid deposit option, including prepaid Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Bitcoin, Zelle-to-Bitcoin, or any of the other viable options. The most trusted online casino brands all accept these and several other payment options, which is one way to tell that your chosen gambling site is legitimate and reputable. To learn more about how to safely and reliably load up your bankroll, you can take our short guide all the way to the bank!

Most Trustworthy Online Casinos That Accept Bitcoin & Prepaid Cards

Site Name Bonus Rating USA Friendly Visit Site
Bovada Logo $3,000 Bonus 5stars usafriendly Visit Site
Slotslv Logo $5,000 Bonus 5stars usafriendly Visit Site
Cafe Casino Logo $2,500 Bonus 5stars usafriendly Visit Site
Super Slots Logo $6,000 Bonus 5stars usafriendly Visit Site
SunPalace Casino Logo $10,000 Bonus 5stars usafriendly Visit Site
Lasvegasusa Casino Logo $3,000 Bonus 5stars usafriendly Visit Site
Vegas Casino Online Logo $3,000 Bonus 5stars usafriendly Visit Site
SlotsPlus Casino Logo $10,000 Bonus 5stars usafriendly Visit Site
Casino Max Casino Logo $9,750 Bonus 5stars usafriendly Visit Site
Cherry Jackpot Casino Logo $8,000 Bonus 5stars usafriendly Visit Site
Roaring21 Casino Logo $10,000 Bonus 5stars usafriendly Visit Site

What To Look For In A Trusted Online Prepaid Casino

Credentials – Legally Licensed And Regulated Online Prepaid Casinos

The first and most important criterion when picking a trustworthy prepaid casino online is to ensure that the site you choose is legally licensed and regulated in its own home country. While it’s legal for players to access any offshore casino, if that casino isn’t operating within a legitimate gambling jurisdiction, you can’t trust that your money will be safe with the operator. It’s as simple as that.

All of the trusted prepaid gambling sites we recommend are fully licensed and regulated in regions well-known for hosting reputable online casinos. Our featured brands are either individually licensed or they operate under the licensing credentials of their parent company. These providers are open and honest about their credentials, advertising their compliance right on their home pages or in their Terms of Service sections. If an online casino isn’t willing to do that, you shouldn’t be willing to risk your hard-earned cash with them.

Certified Random Number Generation  Online Casino Software

Are online casino games legit? Yes, but only if they use the best in random number generation technology. Random number generation software – also called RNG software – is critical if you want a fair shake at the digital felts. This software – made by industry-leading brands like Realtime Gaming (RTG), Microgaming, Betsoft, and others – is designed to fully randomize the results of casino games based on those games’ historic data trends.

If you’re playing blackjack at a real brick-and-mortar casino, for example, you will be dealt cards out of an 8-deck shoe. If this deck is properly shuffled, your odds to receive any given card are going to be 1-in-416. That would be easy to program, but it would be a little too random, because real life doesn’t quite work out that way.

That’s where RNG technology comes in: RNG software doesn’t just give you a random experience, it gives you a random experience that mimics your chances to win with real cards (or roulette spins, or dice throws, etc.) at real physical casinos.

The best RNG brands track real-world casino results to constantly refine their software, giving you identical odds to what you’d find at an honest, regulated land-based venue. In fact, many of these same RNG developers also make the electronic casino games you’ll find at gambling terminals in Las Vegas, Atlantic City, and beyond.

Third-Party Auditing For All Online Casino Games

Naturally, RNG games are key to any trustworthy prepaid casino operating online and offshore. But what – aside from their historical reputations – keeps these software developers honest? Good question.

And the answer is just as good: All online casino games at the most reputable gambling sites are audited regularly by third-party industry watchdogs. These companies exist to ensure that the RNG software being used by the best online casinos meets the randomization standards and offers players identical chances to win as they’d get playing in brick-and-mortar venues.

The most trusted prepaid casinos are not shy about advertising this. In fact, most of the top sites will put their up-to-date certifications somewhere reasonably conspicuous on their pages, giving customers added peace of mind that their favorite games have been recently vetted and deemed fair and square.

State-Of-The-Art Online Casino Security And Data Encryption

The best RNG tech and the top auditing practices wouldn’t mean much to players if offshore casinos didn’t protect their sites – and their customers’ data – with cutting-edge cybersecurity.

All the best prepaid casinos use advanced SSL and/or TLS encryption standards, and they also employ site-wide firewalls and virus protection. Because of this dedication, there is no record of any top casino site being hacked or having its users’ finances or private data being stolen.

Further, the most reputable prepaid casinos treat their members’ confidential information confidentially. No site listed here ever shares that data with third parties, nor do they sell it to advertisers or anyone else. When you sign up with a trusted online casino, you can be sure that your account information will stay yours.

Secure Desktop And Mobile Casino Gambling Options

Desktop computer security is, by and large, up to the user, particularly if you’re running a Windows machine. In that case, you need to ensure that you are using up-to-date antivirus software and the best possible malware and spyware protections. After all, you don’t want any hackers getting wind of your online gambling activities and interrupting your deposits and payouts.

That said, the top trusted casinos online take every possible precaution to guarantee that their end is buttoned up and battened down, too. If you’re using downloadable software (some sites offer special software for legal online poker and casino gaming, if you prefer it to the browser-based experience), you can trust that this software is verified and secure. Ditto for mobile casino gaming.

In fact, when you use your iPhone or Android to gamble on the go, you’re going to get even better security as a matter of course. Traditionally, iPhones, iPads, and Android devices are harder to hack than desktop operating systems, which means that you’re not only getting more convenient play, but you’re also getting more secure play. For the safest online casino gambling, mobile is the way to go.

Still, whether you want a desktop gambling suite or a real money iPhone casino or Android casino app experience, you can get all three at any prepaid gambling casino listed here.

Reliable Banking Suite For Deposits And Payouts

If you can’t get your money into and out of your online casino quickly and safely, then your chosen site is surely not a trusted gambling operator. All of the safety precautions and encryption used by legal offshore casinos won’t amount to much if you can’t make secure deposits and get rapid, reliable payouts. Our guide to the online casinos that payout the fastest helps you navigate which sites offer fast transactions before you sign up.

Luckily, the best-prepaid casinos in the business all go the extra mile in giving their US and international clientele the most possible banking options with the highest reliability rates. This is more crucial for US players, as the US has the meddlesome UIGEA (2006) banking regulation to contend with, making some payment forms less reliable.

Fortunately, when such banking methods are no longer viable, the top prepaid casinos get rid of them ASAP, replacing them with better options for all. (You can see the recommended banking methods for American and international players listed below, including those payment options that are no longer supported.)

Payouts, historically, have been even trickier due to the top sites being located offshore, as things like card chargebacks no longer work well in the US. However, the advent of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies have completely obviated all other banking suites for those players who have jumped on the BTC bandwagon.

Casino’s Banking Suite Offers Cryptocurrency Support Including Bitcoin

As stated, Bitcoin (BTC) is the king of prepaid casino deposits and withdrawals. Bitcoin is totally decentralized, with no bank or government middleman to step in the way and delay a payment to or from your chosen offshore casino. This is ideal, and the best online gambling operators promote BTC to all their customers, as using the crypto is mutually beneficial. That’s why Bitcoin comes with the highest deposit bonuses and online casino promos!

For players, Bitcoin (and altcoins like Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple, Bitcoin Cash, and various others) comes with no added fees, high deposit and withdrawal limits, and 100% acceptance rates. A Bitcoin transaction cannot be hacked or interrupted, and the blockchain is the most secure banking encryption ever conceived.

For casinos, Bitcoin reduces the expense of processing payments to almost zero, and it expedites deposits and payouts. Remember: At the most trusted prepaid online casinos, Bitcoin and other cryptos are the only way you can claim same-day payouts!

Fair Online Casino Bonuses

All online casinos offer bonuses for new members, and many also give returning members extra money when they make fresh deposits into their accounts. However, you can easily separate out the reputable operators from the shady casino sites by looking at their online casino bonus terms.

Bonuses come with rollover requirements (aka playthrough), and these must be met before claiming any payouts. If your chosen casino – like those listed here – is legitimate and reputable – you’ll see rollovers in the neighborhood of 20X to 50X.

However, if your online gambling site is not trustworthy, a dead giveaway is a bonus system that requires unfair playthrough requirements. Some casinos slap 60X, 80X, and even 100X rollovers to their big welcome bonuses and reload bonuses, all but guaranteeing that you’ll never be able to withdraw your winnings in a timely manner.

If you come across a bonus that sounds too good to be true, always check the terms of the promotion. If it has extremely high playthrough requirements, you know the site isn’t legitimate. All the brands listed here offer fair, achievable rollovers, making their bonus offers truly valuable to players of every skill level.

Around-The-Clock Customer Service

Customer service is often overlooked, but no casino can be fully trusted without a dedicated team to help you with any question or concern, 24/7/365.

To that end, you need to make sure the site you choose has a support staff that is always online and ready to assist you. The prepaid gambling sites we recommend each have three ways to get in touch with customer service:

  • Online live chat
  • Email
  • Telephone

If your site doesn’t offer all three, they aren’t serious about helping you out whenever an issue arises, and you’ll need to find a more reliable operator.

Trustworthy Prepaid Banking Options For US Players

Generally speaking, US gamblers have fewer deposit options available to them thanks to the federal UIGEA banking restriction, which can occasionally cause credit and debit gambling deposits to be rejected or delayed.

Most of the time, these go through just fine, so they’re still supported. But for guaranteed deposits, prepaid methods are vastly superior. These prepaid gambling options include the following, which are going to be perfect for the vast majority of American players:

Bitcoin – Bitcoin (BTC) is the number-one banking method we recommend, and it’s supported and promoted by all the best prepaid online casinos. If you haven’t dabbled in cryptocurrency but are looking for a reason to get started, the fact that it’s the most preferred payment option for all legitimate online casinos should be reason enough to jump in.

Bitcoin gambling sites offer higher limits, zero added transfer fees, 100% reliability rates, and provide American players with the only option for same-day payouts. Additionally, BTC usually comes with enhanced bonus offers that make using the stuff even more compelling.

Altcoins – Altcoins are other cryptocurrencies that act the same way that Bitcoin does, offering US gamblers immediate deposits with no added fees, high limits, enhanced bonuses, and same-day payouts. Supported altcoins at the most trusted prepaid gambling sites include EthereumCardanoRipple, Litecoin, USD Coin, Dogecoin, and Bitcoin Cash, though many sites will accept an even larger variety of alternative cryptos.

MatchPayMatchPay gambling sites allow users to fund their accounts easier with P2P apps like PayPal, Cash App, or Venmo by buying other account balances and rewards (vouchers). While it is currently only available at Bovada, it will likely be implemented by many more gambling sites soon.

Zelle – If you don’t already have BTC and wish to acquire some of the cryptocurrency without waiting up to 10 days to do so through exchanges like Coinbase, you can use Zelle. Zelle is an instant payment service used by the majority of US banks, which means you likely already have access to it.

Simply visit, pick a BTC vendor that accepts Zelle payments, and purchase your Bitcoin. This method puts the popular crypto in your hands within just minutes instead of days or weeks. Prepaid casinos that accept Zelle-To-Bitcoin have truly simplified the crypto process.


Prepaid VouchersPrepaid gambling vouchers are a new way to easily fund online casinos. It essentially works by allowing new accounts the option of buying vouchers from other existing users to quickly fund their new account.

Prepaid Credit CardsPrepaid Visa, prepaid Mastercard, and prepaid American Express are all accepted by the most reputable casino sites, and these – unlike standard credit and debit cards – have a 100% success rate.

Because these secured credit cards don’t require credit processing (as you’ve already put the funds into your account), offshore gambling sites can process them just like they were cash. Prepaid deposits are instant and reliable, and that’s why we recommend gaming with trusted prepaid casinos.

International Gift Cards – International gift cards can be Visa branded or Mastercard/AmEx branded, and these work just like prepaid credit cards when it comes to depositing into your gambling account. Just make sure that the gift card you’re using is rated for international purchases, as cards limited to US purchases will not go through.

Trustworthy Prepaid Banking Options For International Players

International players tend to have more prepaid options available to them, as certain payment services are valid for casino payments overseas but not in the US (i.e. PayPal, Apple Pay, etc.).

If you live outside of America and wish to gamble with a trusted prepaid casino, these are your best bets for getting your account loaded up with funds:

Bitcoin – Bitcoin works the same way for international players as it does for US players: Simply acquire some of the cryptocurrency, select the Bitcoin deposit option, and transfer your funds from your BTC wallet to your online casino’s BTC wallet. The process takes just a few seconds, and you can be playing your favorite gambling titles in no time flat.

Bitcoin is the most preferred and trustworthy deposit method for players globally, as it has no added transfer fees, comes with the biggest bonuses, and carries high deposit limits. And as always, BTC offers same-day payouts to all offshore casino members.

Altcoins – Litecoin, Ripple, Ethereum, and Bitcoin Cash are the main altcoins accepted by trusted prepaid casinos, though some include support for other cryptocurrencies. In general, altcoins work identically to Bitcoin for deposits and withdrawals, giving international players several perks when compared to more traditional prepaid banking options.

PayPal/Venmo – In the US, PayPal does not allow its service to be used for funding offshore gambling accounts. However, international players are not bound by the same regulations as US players, and they can freely use PayPal (and its Venmo subsidiary) to make prepaid gambling deposits quickly and safely.

Skrill – Skrill is another international option for account deposits at prepaid gambling sites. As with PayPal, Skrill policies are different for global gamblers, allowing them to use the e-commerce service to top off their online betting accounts securely and rapidly. Skrill can also be used for withdrawals, but this can take 1-2 days.  Skrill prepaid gambling sites are very widely sought after among International players.

Neteller – Neteller is similar to Skrill, in that it’s a prepaid e-commerce payment platform that allows international players to quickly fund their online gambling hobbies. You can also claim payouts with Neteller, which take 1-2 days in most cases.

Prepaid Credit Cards/Gift Cards – Prepaid credit cards and gift cards can be used to make instant, guaranteed deposits at the top offshore casinos. Supported brands include Visa, Mastercard (and Mastercard’s Maestro service), and more.

Remember, these cards must be rated for international purchases outside of your home country if you wish to use them to fund your prepaid gambling account.

Apple Pay – Apple Pay is available to international gamblers as a legitimate means to fund their accounts. This digital wallet takes all your credit and debit cards and keeps them under one roof, so when you kick of an Apple Pay payment, it will draw from whichever card you select and process immediately. With one-touch transfers, Apple Pay gambling sites might offer the easiest deposit method going.

Most Trusted Prepaid Casinos FAQs

What is a prepaid card?

A prepaid credit card – sometimes called a secured credit card – is simply a credit card that you fill up with funds from your bank account.

These allow customers to build credit in a way that debit cards can’t, and they also prevent you from spending more than you can afford (which is great for responsible gambling).

Prepaid gift cards work similarly, and both types of cards can be used at most of the best online casinos.

Are online casinos safe?

Not all of them. But since we only offer our top choices that have established themselves with longevity in the industry and reputations to match, any of the sites listed here are perfectly safe and legal to use. As long as they meet our standards, we’re confident they’ll meet yours, too! 

Can you trust online casinos?

Yes and no. There are certainly many fly-by-night scam sites out there looking to just take your money and run, and it’s never safe to play at such venues, regardless of what prepaid options they offer.

However, if you stick with the sites mentioned here, you are guaranteed the most trustworthy online casino experience – one that is not only legal but also offers you more than any land-based venue every could. Online, you’ll get the same chances to win that you’d find at the best brick-and-mortar casino resorts in Las Vegas, Atlantic City, Monte Carlo, and elsewhere.

Are there any online casinos that take prepaid cards?

Yes, and you can find them listed on this page. Not each site will accept all of the same prepaid cards, but each accepts common, popular offerings that you can purchase over the Internet or at any nearby retailer.

That said, just because an online casino accepts prepaid deposit options doesn’t prove that they’re reliable, so make sure you sign up with one of our recommended operators if you value your bankroll.

How do prepaid cards work at legit gambling sites?

Prepaid cards work at online casinos the same way as they work anywhere else. When using a prepaid Visa/Mastercard/AmEx card, just go to your site’s cashier, select the requisite option, put in your number, and your funds will be transferred instantly. There’s nothing to it!

Are online casino games safe at prepaid gambling sites?

As long as you use a top offshore casino, the games on offer are all top-notch and certified for fair iGaming compliance by third-party auditors and industry watchdogs.

RNG developers like Realtime Gaming, Microgaming, Betsoft, and other mainstream industry leaders make the games at these sites, many of which are the same titles you’ll find in domestically regulated brick-and-mortar venues.

What is the most trusted online casino for prepaid deposits?

All of the sites we suggest fall into this category because trust is binary: either an online casino is trustworthy or it isn’t. If it isn’t, we won’t put it on our list. It’s as simple as that.

As for which of these casinos is the best, that’s up to you. They’re all different, with unique interfaces and experiences on offer, and you should shop around at multiple sites to find the online gambling suites that suit you best.

For us personally, we find that trusted RTG casinos (those brands that use Realtime Gaming products) are our favorites, but that’s as much about aesthetics and personal preference as anything else.