Prepaid Casinos Guide

Casino ImageWhy a guide that focuses on prepaid casinos? Well, when participating in online gambling, funding your account is a key element in getting things started. It is also one of the most crucial factors in your experience, which makes selecting the right casino a big decision.  You don't want to play at just any casino that has a website, you want to limit your gaming to the most trusted casino options available.

With the departure of most e-wallet options from the US market, American players were initially left with only a few options. The integration of cryptocurrency into the online casino arena, as well as innovative solutions such as casino vouchers and player transfer services, opened the door to a whole new world of online casino funding options that were terrific alternatives for players not wanting to or unable to use their personal debit and credit cards for online casino gambling. These new solutions pulled back the curtain to welcome all the payment platforms we use every day, such as Venmo, Cash App, Zelle, Paypal, Apple Pay, Google Pay, and more.

Online casinos accepting prepaid deposits provide access to viable legal online gaming opportunities for players in the United States with a wealth of options to choose from. For the player who enjoys a variety of online gambling platforms, we've also provided portions of our guide dedicated to prepaid poker and prepaid sports betting.

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    Online Casinos That Accept Bitcoin, Prepaid Cards, and Vouchers In July 2024

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    Do We Need Really Prepaid Casino Deposit Methods?

    Having options and choices is never a bad thing. Some players have no problems using their debit cards or credit cards at online casinos. Others cannot get a transaction approved.  I used my Visa debit card at a popular online casino for 6 years, and then suddenly, my bank started blocking the transactions. This has to do with the way the transaction was coded and the burden that places on the financial institution to jump through hoops in complying with UIGEA regulations.

    Having my debit card suddenly rendered useless for online gambling is when I learned how to use Bitcoin and other crypto coins to fund my account and receive my payouts, which turned out to be faster, safer, and cheaper than using my debit card. When we created this website many, many years ago, it was easy to go into a store, buy a prepaid Visa, Mastercard, or American Express card, and use it at any online casino we wanted.  As the banking industry and technology have evolved, these cards began to be coded for domestic OR international transactions.

    Eventually, prepaid cards for international purchases have become very hard to find, so that option has become much less viable than it once was. This is why we focus a lot on the other online casino funding methods that are reliable, secure, and supported at the leading online casinos. The casino funding methods we recommend each result in a designated amount for a single deposit or payout rather than a fluid, ongoing range of automatic transactions, so they fall into the prepaid category.

    Which Prepaid Casino Deposit Methods Should I Consider?

    To be considered a premium prepaid online casino by our team, the operator must accept at least one secure, reliable, and high-quality prepaid deposit method that allows players to fund or withdraw their online casino account within 24 hours. We have reviewed each of these online payment solutions and have also personally used each one of them to fund our own online casino accounts. And because payouts are just as important as, and way more fun also, we have a page dedicated to the fastest payout prepaid casinos.

    I have to say, my preferred prepaid options for funding my online casino account, in order of favor, are:

    Bitcoin Casinos - Bitcoin has really changed the game in the industry over the past several years.  Pretty much all the reputable sites now accept Bitcoin and have done away with a lot of the previous prepaid options they used to have available.  I know MST Gift Cards are still an option at some sites, but crypto has undeniably moved to the forefront of casino account funding.  There are other cryptocurrencies we have successfully used and consider to be a safe, reliable, and an easy option for online casino gambling:

    **Additional coins listed in section below

    Prepaid casino vouchers - Prepaid casino vouchers have really made things easy for players to fund their account using the payment platforms you are most comfortable with. Vouchers are issued when you purchase an account balance from another player.  The voucher process is initiated within the banking suite of the online casino you're visiting, and allows you to finalize the transaction using any P2P app that you and the other party agree on. It is also free, so there's that!  The online casinos accepting vouchers also facilitate Player Transfers and Matchpay transfers, which are essentially the same things as vouchers, but works a little differently concerning the transaction side and how you deposit and withdraw the funds.

    Matchpay casinos - Matchpay accomplishes the same things as vouchers do, they transfer a player account balance to another player through a secure transaction, but Matchpay streamlines the process significantly and provides some additional protections and oversight, all through the Matchpay casino interface. The added security is nice, however the maximum deposit and payout amounts are lower than Player Transfers and Vouchers.

    Player Transfer gambling sites - Player transfer options are found within the banking suite of a few of our preferred online casinos, and are conceptually similar to the Vouchers and Matchpay systems, accomplishing the same thing, which is facilitating account balance transfers from one player to another.  The transactions are initiated through the online casino community interface and banking suite. It is a safe and reliable option that doesn't carry any extra fees from the online casino. (review coming soon)

    Zelle Casinos - This option streamlines the process of depositing Bitcoin into your casino account.  It is optimal for first-time crypto users to eliminate that pesky waiting period that most Bitcoin exchanges impose for first time crypto purchases.  Zelle eliminates that hassle and allows you to transfer Bitcoin into your account within minutes.

    MST Prepaid Gift Card Casinos - MST gift cards are one of the only viable options left for players looking to use their Visa or Mastercard to deposit at an online casino.  It's basically a virtual credit card that can be purchased using your existing Visa or Master Card.  Once you purchase the virtual card, you simply signup with one of the trusted online casinos that we recommend accepting MST gift cards, and your deposit will be credited instantly. This option is only available at a few online casino brands.

    Other Prepaid Gambling Options Accepted At Online Casinos

    Do Prepaid Deposits Qualify For A Casino Sign-Up Bonus?

    Bonus moneyThis is definitely something to consider when selecting which online casino banking method you are going to use. There are sign-up bonuses and reload bonuses to consider. So here's the 411 for getting the best casino bonus possible using a prepaid gambling method:

    Cryptocurrency - Bitcoin and the other crypto altcoins that are supported at the online casinos we feature not only allow you to claim the welcome bonus, but they all also offer enhanced casino sign-up bonus promos offering even larger amounts of free cash available to new players and return players.**

    Vouchers, Matchpay, and Player Transfers - These options do not qualify for any casino bonuses, unfortunately. We're not sure why they've made that determination, and if it changes at any time, we will definitely update this page. We'd be lying if we didn't admit we have all our fingers and toes crossed that the terms change here because we really like using these options for casino deposits and withdrawals.

    MST Gift Cards - The status of bonus eligibility with this option varies among the casinos that support it. Some operators see it as just another debit card and allow full access to their casino bonus codes, while some are just the opposite.  You'll need to verify bonus eligibility at the specific online casino you are using this virtual card at.**

    Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover Card - For deposits made with standard-issue debit and credit cards, all online casinos will allow you access to their standard casino sign-up bonus offers.**

    **There are rollover requirements associated with all online casino bonus codes and promotions. Please review the terms and conditions for any offer you are considering and make sure you will be able to satisfy the wagering requirements disclosed. Claiming a casino bonus offer is not required, and if you think the terms may be too hard to satisfy, we recommend passing on the offer.  If you intend to stick around and play for a while, then the best casino bonus offers will be worth your while and provide a substantial boost to your bankroll.

    Prepaid Online Casino Bonus Codes & Promotions

    There are some basic facts you should understand about online casino bonuses and how they work before you consider claiming one. Everyone loves free money, which is undeniable, but you don't want to get sucked into an offer that is 'too good to be true'. We can't speak for every online casino on the web, but we can tell you that the prepaid online casinos we have featured on this site all offer various casino bonuses, bonus codes, and special promotions, and they are all legitimate offers with reasonable wagering requirements that are on par with industry standards.

    Most promotions require a casino bonus code to be applied in order to claim the offer for your account. Sometimes that code will be provided by someone like us who is an industry insider, and sometimes it is available from a menu within the online casino's banking suite. Typically, bonus offers are claimed when you are making a deposit into your account. They are not required, so if once you review the terms and conditions of the offer, you are not confident you can satisfy the terms, then you can certainly pass on any offer.

    Not all casino games are eligible to contribute to satisfying the rollover requirements. Slots games contribute the most, while games of skill contribute less. Live dealer games are never eligible. Each casino will have a chart somewhere that describes which games contribute and how much. Terms can vary depending on which type of promotion you are claiming.

    All of the online casinos you see listed on this page offer a casino sign-up bonus, also sometimes called a casino welcome bonus. Very often, this type of bonus will apply to your first several deposits as a new player on the site. This bonus is most often structured as a deposit match offer, meaning the online casino will agree to match a specific percentage of your deposit up to a designated maximum amount.

    For example, it can look something like this:  100% match up to $1000 on your first three deposits.

    For this casino sign-up bonus, they are agreeing to match 100% of your deposit up to a maximum of $1000, and they will do this on your first three deposits, so the offer is worth up to $3000. You are not required to deposit a full $1000, though. You can claim that bonus offer on a $100 deposit and get a free $100 so that your starting bankroll is $200. As long as you meet the minimum deposit threshold of the casino, you can claim the bonus. The $1000 in this example is simply the maximum they will match on a single deposit, not the required amount of a deposit.

    Most casinos require a minimum deposit of somewhere between $20 and $50. A deposit match bonus can be a significant boost to your bankroll. Keep in mind that the bonus and all associated winnings are not available for withdrawal until you've satisfied the rollover requirements.

    A casino reload bonus is available for subsequent deposits made after you've claimed and played through any casino sign up bonus offers. Some casinos offer reload bonuses all the time, some offer then as special promotions, and others don't really offer them at all.

    Like sign up bonuses, reload bonuses are also structured as deposit match offers:  25% match up to $150 (example)

    You'll find that some casinos offer daily, weekly, or. monthly casino reload promotions, and some sites will offer game specific bonuses that are tied to a designated game title or category. For example, It is not uncommon to find weekly blackjack bonuses or roulette bonuses at some casinos, or reload bonuses tied to a specific slots game. Some casinos have daily bonus offers that you can claim up to 5x per day. Reload bonuses are their incentive to keep you coming back.

    All online casinos want to grow their player base, and one way they do this is to incentivize players who are enjoying their games to invite their friends and family to also sign up for an account. Casino referral bonuses can range from $50 a referral to hundreds of dollars with a deposit match offer. Each casino handles this particular bonus differently, but they all have it available. If you love your gaming experience, then its only. natural to share that information with others.

    Best Casino Bonus Codes and Offers For Crypto Deposits In July 2024

    The largest deposit match bonuses will always be associated with crypto deposits. The following casino sign up bonus offers and casino bonus codes all apply to first time deposits (and in some cases subsequent deposits) made with a form of cryptocurrency that is supported by the online casino making the offer.

    Bovada red logo

    Crypto Bonus:
    125% Max $3,750

    Bonus Code:

    SlotsLV logo

    Crypto Bonus:
    300% Max $7,500

    Bonus Code:
    Provided Upon Sign Up

    Cafe Casino logo

    Crypto Bonus:
    350% Max $2,500

    Bonus Code:
    Provided Upon Sign Up

    Superslots logo

    Crypto Bonus:
    400% Max $4,000

    Bonus Code:

    CasinoMAX logo

    Crypto Bonus:
    350% Max $9,750

    Bonus Code:
    Provided Upon Sign Up

    Cherry Jackpot logo

    Crypto Bonus:
    400% Max $8,000

    Bonus Code:
    Provided Upon Sign Up

    Roaring21 logo

    Crypto Bonus:
    300% Max $10,000

    Bonus Code:
    Provided Upon Sign Up

    Best Mobile Casino Apps Supporting Prepaid Deposits & Payouts

    Each of the online casinos we recommend offers a web based mobile casino app that is supported on iPhones, Android phones, iPads, and Android tablets. Because this app is web based, your casino account is always synched across all devices. The mobile casino apps all allow you to create an account, make deposits, manage your account, play games from their entire selection (including live dealer games), and request payouts. These apps all use the latest technology for cyber security measures, performance, and interface rendering to deliver a secure, reliable gaming experience. We've provided easy access to the mobile casinos we recommend below.

    Most Popular Casino Games To Win Real Money Online

    Most online casino games are well designed virtual replicas of the physical games you find in retail brick and mortar casinos. They are managed using RNG technology that is built into the casino software the site is utilizing. Most reputable online casinos use multiple software solutions to power their games, and include a menu full of RNG based games as well as a live dealer casino portal that delivers a more personal type of gaming experience.

    The games all perform well whether being played on a mobile device, laptop, or desktop computer, with navigation, game feature commands, and the visual / audio functions all rendering perfectly as a result of thoughtful and meaningful architecture and design. You won't find yourself annoyed by glitches or poor performance issues because they are addressed well before the games make it to market. 

    All of the online casinos we endorse submit to third party auditing conducted by respected testing agencies approved by local gaming commissions within the legal jurisdiction in which the casinos are licensed and regulated.

    Slots game logo

    List Of Casino Games You Can Play Online At Prepaid Casinos

    • Casino Slot Games (3, 5, and 7 reels with up to 20+ paylines). You'll find traditional slots, RealSeries iSlots, progressive jackpot slots, and many more categories of this beloved category.
    • Blackjack Casino Games - You will find multiple blackjack game variations at all of the casinos you see on this page. For new players, the rules, how to play, and bet explanations are all easily accessible at each game. All of our featured online casinos also offer live dealer blackjack games as well.
    • Casino Roulette Game Variations - Roulette is a very popular casino game that also comes in multiple variations, each with their own unique game play features. Live dealer roulette is also available.
    • Casino Table Games - Along with the few we've mentioned above, you'll also find card games played at casinos including Let It Ride, Tri Card Poker, Pai Gow Poker, Hi Low Switch, Caribbean Stud Poker, HORSE, and Baccarat to name a few. Casino dice game options like craps and roll the dice can give you a break from cards.
    • Casino Video Poker Games - Video poker is an RNG based version of playing poker where you play against the machine instead of other players.  Video poker is a lot of fun to play, and is a great way to learn how to play poker in a relaxed setting, one on one with the game. Multiple variations of the game are available at any online casino listed on this page.
    • Casino Bingo Games - Casino bingo varies a bit from what you wold play in a bingo hall due to the virtual nature of the online casino environment, and is usually found in the 'specialty games' section of the game menu.
    • Specialty Casino Games - Here is where you'll find Keno, the bingo games mentioned above, and any other casino game that doesn't fit neatly into a standard gaming category in the menu.
    • Live Dealer Casino Games - These games provide players with a game that is overseen and executed by a dealer or croupier, facilitated through advanced web streaming capabilities and live chat features.  Many players prefer this one on one interaction with the dealers.  Games you'll find on offer include blackjack, roulette, baccarat, Super 6, and a few others from time to time.

    The Deposit Options Below Are No Longer Working For Online Gambling - Updated July 2024

    How To Select A Safe Prepaid Casino To Play At

    Our review process focuses first and foremost on player safety. The first element of an online prepaid casino that we verify is that they are operating legally. Licensing and regulatory oversight provided by a respected jurisdiction is vital.

    • Verification that the casino is licensed and regulated (or is owned by a parent company that holds licensing credentials.).
    • Verification of compliance certifications issued by third party auditing of all RNG technology for fair gaming practices.

    Once we are sure the prepaid casino brands are legitimately operating, we move on to review their security profile.

    • SSL coding
    • data encryption technology
    • firewall protection
    • anti-virus protection
    • fraud prevention
    • technical staff to monitor security protocols

    We require that any brand we feature in our guide employs security protocols and features which mirror those of world class financial institutions, thereby ensuring a safe and secure gaming environment. We limit the brands we recommend to a few high quality software platforms that build security protocols into their programs, providing additional protection to players on top of the operations security profile. Our security requirements exceed licensing requirements for most jurisdictions. We don't feel this is unreasonable to expect out of the prepaid online casinos that we recommend as a commitment to player safety reflects their overall approach to the industry.

    Next we take a look at reliability and quality of software, as well as their administrative functions. We are looking for the following standards in this part of our review process, which includes evaluating hundreds of elements of the operation.

    • Reliable, glitch free software that does not experience interruptions
    • Intuitive, well designed, feature rich user interface that is easy to navigate, stimulating and enjoyable.
    • Mobile gaming options
    • Strong selection of games
    • Customizable settings

    We test their deposit methods and payout speeds, as well as their gaming performance for consistency.

    A large part of our evaluation focuses on administrative processes, efficiency of their banking suite, and the quality of customer support teams.  We test their support with aggressive inquiries and challenging issues for them to resolve. We want to see the following standards in place:

    • Registration process that is fast, easy and streamlined for efficiency
    • Help sections that provide FAQs and information about rules and how to play the games
    • Secure banking suite that provides an environment in which sensitive player data is protected
    • Multiple deposit method and withdrawal options available to the countries serviced
    • Fast transaction processing without hefty fees associated
    • Fast payouts of player winnings and account balances
    • Responsive and knowledgeable support staff

    Lastly we evaluate their bonus offers, promotions, rewards programs and incentives.

    • Verify that offers are legitimate
    • Verify that wagering requirements are reasonable and attainable
    • Verify that terms and conditions of the offers are clear and easy to understand
    • Verify that multiple bonus offers are available for both new and returning players

    Due to the fact that there are undesirable gambling sites out there which are predatory, unethical, or just plain low quality, we highly recommend that you rely on a trusted guide to determine which prepaid casinos you will play at, or you take any brand you consider through the trenches of this type of review process. It is the only way to ensure you don't land at a rogue casino brand that was engineered simply to steal your money. Below you will find the results of our intensive research, and we can ensure you that each brand represented here offers a genuine and authentic online gambling experience.

    Slots, Roulette, Blackjack, Craps, Video Poker, Caribbean Stud, Baccarat, Casino Holdem, Keno, War, Let It Ride and 3 Card Poker, live dealer games, and many more.