Sports Betting Deposits And Payouts - What You Need To Know

  • Football PlayerAs of June 2024, online sportsbooks accept multiple forms of prepaid funding and withdrawal optons
  • Cryptocurrency, vouchers, player transfers, and prepaid cards are supported prepaid sports betting funding methods
  • Use Venmo, Cash App, Paypal, Apple Pay and others with Vouchers and Player Transfers.

Due to the UIGEA, online sports betting deposits are often unnecessarily scrutinized too heavily by the US Government. That’s why sports betting sites that accept prepaid cards, cryptocurrency, and vouchers are paramount to US players. Deposits can happen securely, quickly, and legally, without the caveats that slow down the transaction times or nullify them altogether.

Prepaid online gambling funding methods also provide an added layer of security by providing a buffer between third party sites and your personal financial information. Despite sophisticated security measures being in place at legitimate websites that are processing online transactions, many people simply don't feel comfortable putting their financial information out there.

The top sports betting sites recommended here accept a variety of prepaid banking options, and they also deliver the fastest sportsbook payouts on the web. Peer-to-peer voucher transactions allow for players to deposit funds at online sportsbooks using any method they choose. Prepaid crypto sportsbook deposits provide the fastest, most secure transactions possible. There really is a whole new niche of prepaid options that have emerged to accommodate customers seeking the safest payment methods, and the online gambling market has been a frontrunner in a lot of the innovation that has driven the demand for it.

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    Best Sports Betting Sites Accepting Prepaid Deposit Options In June 2024

    SiteBonusRatingUSA Visit
    Bovada logo50% Max $1,0005.0 ⭐️USA Flag iconVisit Site
    Bet US Brand Logo125% Max $3,1254.8 ⭐️USA Flag iconVisit Site
    MyBooike Brand Logo50% Max $1,0004.7 ⭐️USA Flag iconVisit Site
    BetOnline logo100% Max $1,0004.7 ⭐️USA Flag iconVisit Site
    Sportsbetting ag logo100% Max $1,0004.5 ⭐️USA Flag iconVisit Site

    Why Do We Need Prepaid Sports Betting Options?

    As we mentioned earlier, US federal regulations have employed stringent oversight and restrictions that have unintentionally impacted legitimate transactions. Because of this, using your credit or debit card may be a little harder than you expect in some cases due to coding contradictions between payment processors and the banks and credit card companies. It doesn't always happen, but it happens enough to make alternatives very viable.

    Another reason we need prepaid options is to accommodate those of you who simply don't want to share your credit or debit card information with a third party online, or who like the idea of a prepaid method to add some limits to your spending. The sportsbooks on this page all offer settings for self imposed spending limits to assist you with that, but a prepaid funding method puts a true stop gap on your funding and reduces your ability to engage in impulse spending.

    The prepaid sportsbook funding methods we discuss on ths page are secure options to send funds to the most trusted online sportsbooks and allow you to bet in the sportsbook immediately in most cases.

    Here are some of the pros and cons of prepaid sports betting with prepaid vouchers, cards, and cryptocurrency.

    • Nearly Instant Deposit Uploads
    • Cryptocurrency Deposits And Payouts Supported*
    • Voucher Payouts Complete Within Minutes
    • P2P Sales Are Available Through The Site's Community Forum Or Via MatchPay
    • Anonymous Online Banking Transactions
    • Most Pre-Paid Cards Are Accepted**

    *Cryptocurrency deposits are usually eligible for enhanced deposit bonuses and promotions.

    **Prepaid cards must be authorized for international transactions in order to work at an online gambling site.

    • Cards Not Authorized For International Purchases Are Not Accepted
    • Deposits Can Be Ineligible For Some Sportsbook Bonuses**

    **Sometimes Voucher deposits and P2P Transfers are not eligible for bonus offers.

    Prepaid Sports Betting Deposits

    Dogecoin stackPre-paid deposits can be made using cryptocurrency at any of the sportsbooks that we list on this page. Because online sports betting sites prefer crypto, these deposits are often eligible for higher deposits and enhanced sportsbook bonus offers. No deposit fees and fast transaction times are major perks of depositing with crypto. Here are the most common coins that can be used to withdraw or deposit at online sportsbooks.

    Bovada voucher code sampleAt the moment, the only legal sportsbook that offers Voucher deposits and payouts is Bovada. Bovada voucher codes can be requested by members with withdrawable funds in the accounts, with a frequency of every 15 minutes.

    These codes operate like Bovada gift cards and can be given to someone or sold to another player through the Bovada Community or Matchpay. Sportsbook vouchers are very appealing because they allow you to deposit and withdraw funds using popular P2P options such as Venmo, Cash App, Zelle, Paypal, Apple Pay, Google Pay, and more.

    Player transfers act exactly like vouchers in that they transfer funds from one player to another. However with a Player Transfer, there are no codes required.

    Whether you are seeking to buy or sell a player transfer, the transaction is initiated by selecting the 'player transfer' button in the banking suite at Bovada. You will then be directed to search for other players who are seeking to sell or buy an account transfer.

    Once paired with another player, the transaction will be facilitated through the Bovada Online Community and overseen by a moderator. The transfer is sent directly from one account to another - so there is no need for a Bovada voucher code to complete the transaction. Once the transaction is complete and verified by both seller and buyer, the moderator will close the thread for the transaction.

    The minimum transfer is $10 and the maximum is $15,000.

    Prepaid Master CardStore-bought prepaid Visa, Mastercard, American Express and other popular brands are able to be used for sports betting deposits at many of the sites we suggest. Prepaid debit and credit cards will work for deposits as long as they are authorized for international spending. If you have trouble making a deposit with a prepaid credit card, call the toll-free number to see if you can get it approved for international spending. Deposits can be made using the following types of prepaid cards:

    **These cards cannot be used for payouts of your winnings. You will need to choose an alternative option for your payout such as cryptocurency, check by courier, player transfer, or voucher.

    Bovada Voucher - How To Buy And Sell Gambling Vouchers

    Gambling VouchersAt this time, sportsbook vouchers are available exclusively through Bovada** (and can be used in their casino and poker room as well). A Bovada voucher code acts similar to a sports betting site gift card. The funds are only good for use at that given site, and uploads are completed immediately. You can either receive a sports betting voucher as a gift or purchase one from another member of that sportsbook through a secure community environment on the site or through MatchPay.

    *Bovada is the exclusive provider of sportsbook vouchers, however there are several casinos offering them as a funding/payout method.

    It is important that you do NOT attempt to purchase or sell vouchers outside of the two approved and secure environments that are established for these transactions (Matchpay and the Bovada Online Community). If you try to go to Reddit or some other platform to buy or sell, there is a strong chance you could get scammed. 

    Buying A Bovada Voucher:

    To begin the process of purchasing a sports betting voucher, you need to decide if you want to arrange for a purchase using a Bovada Community Voucher transaction or submit a request through MatchPay. Bovada has integrated Matchpay into it's interface with their banking suite so you can conveniently trade and upload voucher funds while signed into your account. You can also use the official Matchpay website to facilitate voucher trading if you prefer.

    You will be able to use any of the popular P2P apps to process your transaction, including Venmo, Paypal, Cash App, Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, and Google Pay to name a few.

    Selling A Bovada Voucher:

    Selling a sportsbook voucher equates to a Bovada Voucher Withdrawal using whatever P2P method you and the buyer agree upon. Just like when buying a voucher, selling one involves either arranging the transaction in the sportsbook community or signing up with MatchPay and allowing them to oversee the sale. Voucher sales have the potential to pay out faster than any other withdrawal method offered in the banking suite of a sportsbook.

    As with a voucher purchase, you can use any of the popular P2P apps you prefer.

    Third-Party Voucher Trading Apps:

    MatchPay can be used through Bovada’s banking suite interface directly or via their official website to act as an outside party, both ways guarantee the successful sale of sportsbook vouchers between members. The process is simple. Buyers and sellers are automatically paired based on the purchase amount and the P2P app you want to use for the transaction. 

    Matchpay also offers some additional oversight throughout the transaction, adding some extra security to the purchase.

    Bovada Player Transfer - How To Deposit And Withdraw Using A Player Transfer

    Player Transfers are the perfect way to fund your online sports betting action using the P2P apps you love. The sportsbooks don't support most P2P apps directly, and Player Transfers open the door to use Paypal, Cash App, Venmo, Zelle, Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Samsung Pay to fund your account and receive your winnings. Using a moderated chat feature within the Bovada online community, you can purchase another player's account balance and have it transferred directly into your account in just a few steps.

    Likewise you can sell your account balance to another player as a Bovada Player Transfer, which equates to a withdrawal using your preferred P2P app. Its fast, secure, and streamlined. Below we have laid out the process for both depositing and withdrawing through the player transfers at Bovada.

    **Bovada is the only legal sportsbook that we support that offers this option. There are several online casinos that also support player transfers that are listed on this page.

    Buying A Bovada Player Tranfser:

    When you use a Player Transfer to fund your online sportsbook account, you are essentially purchasing another player's account balance.

    • To initiate the process, you simply select the 'Player Transfer' option within the Bovada banking suite.
    • From there you will be able to search and be paired with another player who is selling their account balance in the amount you seek, and will accept the P2P app that you have designated. Once paired, you can use the integrated chat feature to discuss details of the transaction and proceed. The chat is overseen by a moderator.
    • Once the purchase is complete and you verify that the funds have been transferred into your account, the moderator will close out the chat conversation.

    Selling A Bovada Player Transfer:

    To make a withdrawal from your Bovada account using a Player Transfer, you are actually selling your account balance to another player. The process is simple and streamlined.

    • To initiate the process, you will choose the 'Player Transfer' option within the Bovada banking suite.
    • From there you will be prompted to search and pair with someone seeking to receive a transfer in the amount you are selling and using a P2P app that you accept. You can discuss terms of the sale through the built in chat feature, which is overseen by a moderator.
    • Once you receive payment and the purchase is complete, you will be able to transfer your account balance to the player who paid you.  After the other party confirms that the transfer has completed and the funds are in their account, the chat moderator will close out the conversation.

    Bovada Player Transfer P2P Apps:

    Because player transfers are transactions that take place between two individual parties, you are able to use popular P2P apps to process the payments. While these P2P apps do not directly support online gambling, they do support purchases between individuals, allowing them to facilitate the player transfers.  Some of the most widely used person to person apps that are used for the transfers include, but are not limited to the following:

    Since the transaction is between two individuals, you can literally use any form of peer to peer money transfer service that you prefer.

    P2P Apps That Can Be Used  At Online Sportsbooks To Deposit Or Withdraw A Bovada Voucher Or Bovada Player Transfer

    PayPal Sports Betting Deposits And Payouts

    PayPal is one of the most popular peer-to-peer money transfer services on the web, and while you won't see it directly supported through the banking suite at a sportsbook, Vouchers and Player Transfers allow for betting site deposits and payouts to occur using PayPal, which in turn opens the doors to sports betting using your bank account, credit cards, or stored funds from your Paypal wallet.

    *Paypal is not associated with this website in any way nor do they support any form of online gamlbing.

    Online Sportsbooks That Take Venmo

    You will not find a sports betting site that lists Venmo in its banking suite as a funding option. The trick to depositing using Venmo is to purchase a sportsbook voucher or a player transfer from another member who is open to using Venmo as a payment method. The same tactic applies to Venmo withdrawals, as you can sell funds in the form of a voucher or player transfer and the payment you receive is your cash withdrawal.

    *Venmo is not associated with this website in any way nor do they support any form of online gamlbing. 

    Cash App
    Gambling Sites

    As with the other P2P apps, Cash App deposits are not directly supported at any reputable sportsbooks. However, there are legitimate ways to use the app to fund your sports betting account by purchasing a sportsbook voucher or player transfer from another player and using Cash App for the transaction. Cash App withdrawals are also available in the same way, through selling a voucher or player transfer to another member of the same online sportsbook.

    *Cash App is not associated with this website in any way nor do they support any form of online gamlbing.

    Prepaid Sportsbook Deposit Limits

    Each site that accepts prepaid cards or vouchers for payouts has varying minimums and limits. The most common minimum deposit for any method is $20, but some types come with a minimum of $50. The maximum deposit tops out at $2,500 US dollars.

    • Sportsbook Voucher Deposits: Minimum $10, Maximum $3,000, Completes Immediately
    • Sportsbook Credit/Debit Card Deposits: Minimum $20-$50, Maximum Up To $2,500, Completes Within 15 Minutes
    • Sportsbook Cryptocurrency Deposits: Minimum $10-$50, Maximum Up To $500,000, Completes Within An Hour

    Sports betting vouchers are only offered at Bovada, and they have withdrawal limits ranging between $10 and $3,000. There is no limit to the frequency that sportsbook withdrawals via Bovada vouchers can be requested so long as there is money in your account to complete the transaction.

    Sportsbook payouts cannot be issued to cards of any type. Chargebacks are only authorized for refunds and are not a legitimate means of acquiring sports betting winnings.

    Cryptocurrency payouts can be requested every 15 minutes at Bovada, with maximums of $2,500 per week on all altcoins except for Bitcoin, which tops out at $9,500 per day with a weekly limit of $185,500. While these limits are not identical across the board at the sites we link to, BTC tends to have higher limits due to brand confidence. 

    Sportsbook Bonuses For Pre-Paid Deposits

    Since you'll already be depositing money into your online sports betting account, why not take advantage of extra dollars that are available via sportsbook bonuses? First-time and follow-up deposits can be matched by a predetermined percentage with cash totaling up to $1,000 or more.

    Some sites don’t offer bonuses for vouchers, but cryptocurrency and prepaid cards are always eligible for bonus cash. Cryptocurrency deposits usually qualify for higher dollar totals with completion conditions that are more lenient than the terms for US dollar uploads.

    These sportsbook promos are not required. Terms and conditions apply that must be completed before a withdrawal can happen. Here are the best sportsbook bonuses being offered at our favorite prepaid sports betting sites today.

    Bovada red logo

    Crypto Bonus:
    100% Max $1,000

    Bonus Code:

    BetOnline logo

    Crypto Bonus:
    100% Max $1,000

    Bonus Code:

    SportsBetting logo

    Crypto Bonus:
    100% Max $1,000

    Bonus Code:

    Prepaid Sports Betting FAQs

    Zelle is a convenient application that allows for easy cryptocurrency purchasing using cash without needing expert knowledge of exchanges. Within a few minutes, crypto sales can be arranged through Zelle, which can then be used to fund your sportsbook account. Some sports betting sites have Zelle functions built-in for maximum convenience. 

    Not from the sportsbook. Fees can arise depending on which method you choose to purchase or sell a sportsbook voucher, but depositing doesn’t have any additional costs attached.

    Sportsbook payouts through vouchers can be requested the same way that other withdrawal methods are. Enter your account, then the banking section, and select voucher. Enter the amount you want to get paid, and the sportsbook site will issue you a code you can give to someone, sell, or deposit again at your leisure.

    Sportsbook gift cards are not physical. Instead, they are issued in codes that can be sold to other members of that sports betting site, given to a friend, or re-uploaded to your account in the future.

    That depends on which sportsbook your friend or family member prefers. Our favorite online sportsbook is Bovada, so we suggest going with them unless the person it is intended for prefers another sports betting site.

    We've had the best luck with prepaid Visa and Mastercard cleared for international online spending. Not all cards are approved for offshore use, so check the fine print for international clearance before buying a prepaid Mastercard or Visa.

    Yes. Prepaid casinos and online poker rooms can be accessed by clicking on any link we include here. Any sites we endorse can accept a prepaid deposit or issue a payout using the methods described in the above guide.