Apple Pay Prepaid Gambling Sites - How To Use Apple Pay And Apple Cash To Fund Online Casino, Poker, and Sportsbook Accounts

Apple PayTo exist and excel in the international online gambling market, betting destinations must stay on the cutting edge of technological advancements and new product releases. Interactive gaming and betting sites seem to have caught up to another advancement within the virtual banking industry. Apple Pay was rolled out in 2014, and it has since become a viable payment option in many areas of our lives.

Online gambling might have just become another one of them. Apple Pay has remarkable security and provides an instant payment option for punters who chose to use the new payment option all over the world. Apple Pay is not available for residents of the United States to use for direct online gambling account funding because of Apple’s refusal to do business with online gambling websites that operate in the perceived legal gray area of US federal law. But there are ways – namely Apple Cash gambling at select sites.

If you live outside of the US, of course, it is much simpler and easier to use Apple Pay for online bet funding. For international gamblers, Apple Pay is a prepaid deposit option that is both trusted and reliable, and it works well with most sites. We anticipate that Apple Pay will become one of the most widely used options at prepaid gambling sites operating internationally.

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    Top Apple Pay Gambling Sites

    Here is where you will find a refined listing of the leading online gambling sites that accept direct Apple Pay deposits and/or indirect Apple Cash deposits. As of this writing, there are no USA-friendly options for using Apple Pay to fund online gambling entertainment directly, but Apple Cash can be used via gambling vouchers at participating sites.  Non-US bettors will find using Apple Pay to be a convenient, secure, and reliable option for funding your account at prepaid casinos, prepaid poker sites, and prepaid sportsbooks.

    Casinos That Accept Apple Pay

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    Sportsbetting logo100% Max $1,0004.6 ⭐️USA Flag iconVisit Site

    Sportsbooks That Accept Apple Pay

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    BetOnline logo100% Max $1,0004.7 ⭐️USA Flag iconVisit Site
    Sportsbetting ag logo100% Max $1,0004.5 ⭐️USA Flag iconVisit Site

    Poker Sites That Accept Apple Pay

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    BetOnline logo100% Max $1,0004.7 ⭐️USA Flag iconVisit Site
    Sportsbetting ag logo100% Max $1,0004.5 ⭐️USA Flag iconVisit Site

    How Do Apple Pay Deposits Work?

    Essentially, you add your debit or credit card to the wallet app that is preloaded on your iPhone or iPad and use Apple Pay for its added layers of security and convenience, instead of presenting your card directly to an online or brick and mortar merchant. Other online services like Samsung Pay and Google Pay also use this method. Apple users then use their wallet to store their digitally encrypted card information for purchases online or in person with machines that are equipped to take tap-to-pay credit cards using near-field communication (NFC) technology. All newer Apple devices come preloaded with the Wallet app. Anyone using an older device can acquire the app through software updates to their device to bring it current.

    Once you have Apple Pay set up, you can use it to make deposits in the corresponding websites that will accept Apple Pay as a payment option. The app transfers financial information by using a number that is specific to your device and a transaction code that is unique to each transaction. This means that your card details are never transferred to the merchant or any third party and are only saved on the notoriously secure Apple servers.

    It’s not something a random person can just use by picking up your phone either. Apple Pay uses the Touch ID or Face ID technology on your phone to keep your transactions specific to your fingerprint and no one else’s. There is also no long-term transaction information that can be tracked down. It only keeps a temporary history of your most recent transactions for convenience while there is no other information that is stored. Android users should see our guide to prepaid gambling sites that accept Google Pay for similar instructions to how to fund your online gambling site with android devices.

    As for Apple Cash deposits, these work the same way that PayPal, Venmo, Cash App, and Zelle gambling deposits work. That is, you can use the Apple Pay P2P instant-pay service to buy and sell online gambling vouchers.

    How To Use Apple Pay To Deposit Money Into Your Online Gambling Account

    Once you have completed your registration, your next step is to make your first deposit. Click your way over to the deposit section of the website that you have chosen to use and select Apple Pay from their menu of payment options. Simply set the amount you wish to deposit and click the button associated with Apple Pay.

    You will then be prompted on your iPhone to authenticate the transfer of funds into your gambling wallet by using your fingerprint on the Touch ID or your face via Face ID (or a password if you choose not to use these iPhone features). You should then receive a notification that the funds were successfully transferred, and an email invoice from Apple will be sent to the email address that you have on file.

    Using Apple Pay With Online Gambling Vouchers

    One way US players (as well as international players) can use Apple Pay to quickly and easily make online betting deposits is to use the voucher system at online casinos, online sportsbooks, and online poker rooms that accept them. The most prominent such site that takes vouchers as of 2022 is Bovada, so that will be used as our example here (though the process should be the same at any site that adopts vouchers in the future).

    Bovada vouchers – whether they're online casino vouchers or sports betting vouchers – allow Bovada members to buy all or part of the account balances of other members. Bovada Voucher codes for sale can be found via the Bovada Community forum (or external sites like the Bovada Reddit page), and players may purchase vouchers from other players – in any amount agreed upon – by using P2P payment services like Apple Cash (which comes with the Apple Pay e-Wallet platform).

    For US players, Apple Cash is the only way to currently use Apple Pay for online bet funding. That said, it is a convenient option for both US and international members at any site that supports the new banking method.

    How To Request Withdrawals Using Apple Pay

    Currently, as easy as online gambling deposits are with Apple Pay, there is not yet a direct way to request withdrawals using Apple Pay. This feature has been developed as a payment method for funding your account, but is not yet set up to process withdrawals from gambling sites.

    The only exception to this is if you sell all or part of your eligible account balance through an online betting voucher using Apple Cash, as outlined in the section above. Selling your voucher (at participating sites) lets you use Apple Pay to accept payments from fellow bettors. Simply release your voucher code to them after you've received their money via Apple Cash, and you're G2G with P2P!

    Advantages Of Using Apple Pay For Online Gambling

    • Apple Pay stores only stores your most recent transactions with no longer term information that can be tracked down and traced back to you.
    • Deposits are instant and there are no fees associated with Apple Pay/Apple Cash.
    • Apple Pay never shares or stores your specific card information and instead only uses encrypted codes to transfer the information from buyer to seller. That, in combination with Apple’s Touch ID/Face ID makes all deposits using Apple Pay as secure as possible.

    Disadvantages Of Using Apple Pay For Online Gambling

    • There are still several iOS devices that are not compatible with Apple Pay or Apple Cash.
    • You cannot withdraw funds from an online gambling website with Apple Pay (Apple Cash only).
    • Apple Pay is still not an available option for gambling related transactions for anyone living within the United States (Apple Cash only).
    • There is still an extremely limited number of websites that accept Apple Pay or Apple Cash as a payment option.

    Apple Pay Gambling Faq's

    Most apple devices come preloaded with the wallet app that works with Apple Pay. If you don’t see the app in your device, try updating your device to the new operating system. The new operating system should come with the wallet app that works with apple pay.

    The home button on your iPhone is the touch ID. The pad that makes up the Touch ID is made of a transparent sapphire crystal that is enclosed by a steel ring. As you place your finger on the pad, the steel ring detects the pressure and sends code to the appropriate software to start detecting your finger print. The phone has a built-in sensor that works in unison with the software to take high resolution images from each of the smallest segments of your finger and form your complete finger print. After you have calibrated it, only your finger print can unlock your phone or be used in Apple Pay.

    Disclaimer: Apple Cash/Apple Pay does not endorse this website or any other online gambling resource/betting venue.