Fastest Payout Prepaid Online Sportsbooks

Fast Payouts adn DepositsWhen you want to make a quick buck on a quick bet, online sportsbooks are the best option. That said, while most sites are same-day payout sportsbooks, they each have a host of bet funding options that run the gamut in terms of processing and delivery times. In other words, to take full advantage of the fastest payout prepaid online sportsbooks, you need to make sure you use a deposit method that’s compatible with rapid withdrawals.

In most cases, that means you should do all your betting banking with cryptocurrencies, as all reputable prepaid sportsbooks support a selection of crypto coins. However, some books also support betting vouchers and player transfers, which can both make you eligible to receive same-day payouts, too. If you’d like to learn more, our guide to fast payouts is a fast read.

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    Prepaid Sportsbooks With The Fastest Betting Withdrawal Times

    SiteBonusRatingUSA Visit
    Bovada logo50% Max $1,0005.0 ⭐️USA Flag iconVisit Site
    Bet US Brand Logo125% Max $3,1254.8 ⭐️USA Flag iconVisit Site
    MyBooike Brand Logo50% Max $1,0004.7 ⭐️USA Flag iconVisit Site
    BetOnline logo100% Max $1,0004.7 ⭐️USA Flag iconVisit Site
    Sportsbetting ag logo100% Max $1,0004.5 ⭐️USA Flag iconVisit Site

    What Is A Fast Sportsbook Payout?

    Simply put, a fast sportsbook payout is exactly what it sounds like: a payout that you can get quickly and securely, in hours instead of days. To some degree, all the most trusted prepaid sports betting sites offer a selection of fast sportsbook payout options. Remember, these are withdrawals that you can request and receive – in hand – the same day you submit your withdrawal ticket.

    In the past, most sites made players wait 1-2 weeks whenever they claimed their winnings, as payouts were handled by bank wire or courier check. Luckily, with more modern prepaid banking methods, you can bypass all that with just a little planning.

    Each operator recommended here has several sports betting withdrawal methods to choose from, and it’s crucial that you select an option that supports rapid bet payouts when time is of the essence. For this, the best online sports betting payouts are cryptocurrency payouts, though some sites have alternative options that often grant same-day withdrawals. We cover all these below, because bankroll management is the name of the game.

    Prepaid Sports Betting Cryptocurrency Payouts

    With the advent of cryptocurrency payment options, sites that have long advertised quick bet registration can now offer quick sports betting withdrawals, as well. And no venue can be credibly called one of the best betting sites for withdrawal options without supporting a variety of popular crypto coins.

    Naturally, then, the top operators do just that, which each outlet accepting a mix of the following:

    These days, crypto betting is better than ever, as site members no longer have to deposit in crypto to withdraw in crypto. All the best online sportsbooks for payouts let their users pull money out in any supported cryptocurrency, even if they deposit with prepaid Visa, prepaid Mastercard, prepaid American Express, or even prepaid MST gift cards.

    On top of all that, cryptocurrency payouts get you the best enhanced online betting bonuses, come with zero added fees, and can appreciate significantly due to the rapid growth of the crypto market. So no matter how much or how little you win on a given wager, crypto is always the biggest payout in sports betting!

    Prepaid Sports Betting Voucher Payouts

    For the fastest payout, online sports betting sites aren’t necessarily limited to crypto. If you join an operator like Bovada Sportsbook, for example, you can claim Bovada sports betting payouts using the site’s unique voucher platform.

    Betting vouchers allow site members to buy and sell account balances among one another via the use of voucher codes. This process is explained in greater detail on our Betting Vouchers page, and it’s recommended for gamblers who wish to use otherwise unsupported person-to-person apps (P2P apps) and e-Wallets, such as:

    Sportsbook voucher payouts come with no added fees, but they differ from crypto payouts in two key ways. And to claim the fastest payout, online sports betting enthusiasts need to know these.

    First, voucher payouts aren’t guaranteed to be same-day payouts. This depends entirely on how quickly buyers and sellers communicate and coordinate their voucher transactions. Secondly, when you use vouchers, you’re going to get paid out in fiat money, not crypto. That means your money won’t have a chance to appreciate the same way that popular cryptocurrencies do.

    Ultimately, you’ll have to decide if the convenience of using the above P2P instant-pay services and eWallets makes up for the comparative lack of profit potential compared to Bitcoin and altcoins.

    Note: Sports betting vouchers are currently limited to Bovada, but because of the flexibility this method gives users who insist upon the best sportsbook payouts for their needs, we expect most operators to employ similar services soon. 

    Prepaid Sports Betting Player Transfer Payouts

    For prepaid online sports betting, the quickest payouts are most accessible via crypto. All sports betting sites with easy withdrawal methods support Bitcoin and various altcoins. However, just as Bovada additionally supports vouchers, the site also supports player transfers.

    Player transfers work almost exactly the same way as vouchers, but while you can buy and sell vouchers via external sites and forums (which is not recommended, by the way), player transfers are handled entirely by your sportsbook. This means you can actually deposit and withdraw more money using account-to-account transfers than you can using vouchers.

    Currently, vouchers carry a $3000 maximum withdrawal limit, while on-site player transfers allow you to withdraw up to $15,000 at a time! And like sports gambling vouchers, player transfers come with no added processing fees attached.

    How Online Sports Betting Promos Affect Sportsbook Payouts

    It’s no secret that the best payout sports betting sites also have the best sports betting bonuses. However, if you’re interested in claiming same-day payouts (or want to take advantage of the fastest payouts in general, regardless of method), you’ll need to know how betting bonuses work.

    Sports betting bonuses and promotions come with rollover requirements. These are called “playthrough requirements” when offered for prepaid online casino games, but the concept is the same. Rollover indicates a betting handle that must be turned before you can withdraw bonus bet winnings. (Please note that prepaid online poker bonuses do not come with rollover/playthrough requirements.)

    For example, let’s say you accept a 50% sports betting bonus with a 5X rollover and deposit $100. Your book will give you $50 on top of that, for a total of $150. But before you can withdraw any associated winnings, you’ll have to wager at least $750 ($150 x 5).

    In general, we strongly recommend that you accept sports betting bonuses whenever they’re offered, as most bettors gamble regularly and are able to easily meet bonus rollover requirements.

    That said, if you’re only going to wager on a few major events (i.e. the Super Bowl, the World Series, the Olympics, the World Cup, etc.) – or if you simply need your winnings ASAP to help pay your monthly bills – then it might be tough to meet those rollover limits in time.

    Note: Most complaints about online sportsbook payout problems revolve around a basic misunderstanding of how instant free bets work. When you hear about a trusted gambling site not paying out, the player has usually failed to meet their rollover requirements. Please be sure to read all bonus terms and conditions.   

    Slower Prepaid Sportsbook Payouts

    When players win, most of them want to get paid immediately, and that’s the draw of gambling with the best payout sports betting sites. However, the fastest payouts may not always be the best payouts for your needs.

    Plenty of players keep their winnings in their account balances so they can continue to bet, which means the best sportsbook withdrawals for them might be the more traditional options offered in their sites’ banking menus. Generally, these include the following:

    • Courier Check – 2-5 days
    • e-Check – 2-5 days
    • Bank Wire Transfer – 5-7 days
    • Money Order – 5-7 days
    • Retail Money Transfer – 5-7 days

    At all reputable gambling sites that payout quickly, the above options are typically all supported. It’s important to note that these also tend to come with non-trivial fees.

    Most fast payout sportsbook sites will grant users one free courier check withdrawal every 90 days or so, but subsequent withdrawals within that timeframe can cost as much as $100 or more.

    Ditto for eChecks, bank wires, and the rest. Thus, even if the fastest payouts aren’t as important to you, you should probably opt for those quick methods whenever it’s time to collect, as they’re the cheapest methods, too.

    Disclaimer: The above prepaid gambling payment methods and services do not endorse this website or any other online gambling resource/betting venue.