Prepaid Gambling Sites Accepting Samsung Pay

Now that digital wallets are used by hundreds of millions of people in the US and abroad to help organize their credit and debit cards, it’s easier than ever to use your existing cards to make online betting deposits. While iPhones are still the most popular mobile devices, Samsung’s Galaxy line is a close second, making Samsung Pay one of the most popular e-Wallet services in the world.

For Galaxy users looking for safe, secure online betting, we recommend joining prepaid gambling sites accepting Samsung Pay. These operators are the best in the business, and they’ve been hosting online casino games, online sportsbooks, and online poker tables for years. By using your prepaid cards through Samsung Pay, you’ll get increased security for each streamlined transaction, and you can even use Samsung Pay Cash to buy and sell gambling vouchers for even more convenience!

The Best Online Gambling Sites For Samsung Pay Deposits And Withdrawals

The table below includes the most trusted online gambling sites for those looking to use Samsung Pay to handle all their banking needs. Every site listed accepts prepaid card payments for deposits, with support for secured credit cards, debit cards, and international gift cards. Some sites, like Bovada, even allow you to use Samsung Pay Cash to claim same-day payouts by buying other members’ online gambling vouchers!

Online Casinos That Take Samsung Pay

Site Name Bonus Rating USA Friendly Visit Site
Bovada Logo $3,000 Bonus 5stars usafriendly Visit Site
Slotslv Logo $5,000 Bonus 5stars usafriendly Visit Site
Cafe Casino Logo $2,500 Bonus 5stars usafriendly Visit Site

Online Sportsbooks That Take Samsung Pay

Site Name Bonus Rating USA Friendly Visit Site
Bovada Logo $1,000 Bonus 5stars usafriendly Visit Site

Online Poker Sites That Take Samsung Pay

Site Name Bonus Rating USA Friendly Visit Site
Bovada Poker $500 Bonus 5stars usafriendly Visit Site

What Is Samsung Pay?

What is Samsung PayBefore you create a Samsung Pay account, you’ll need to know exactly what Samsung Pay is. Fortunately, it’s simple: Samsung Pay is a digital wallet (or eWallet) that allows you to store all your credit, debit, and gift cards in one place on your Galaxy-branded Samsung phones. If you’ve ever tried Apple Pay or Google Pay, Samsung Pay works the same way, simplifying the process of using your plastic at brick-and-mortar retailers and online stores.

In addition to greater convenience, Samsung Pay also adds several extra layers of security to these card transactions through the Samsung Knox chip and ARM TrustZone technologies. Coupled with your device’s fingerprint reader, face scanner, and/or Samsung Pay PIN, your money is safer than ever.

But Samsung Pay isn’t just a digital wallet, as it can also be used to make person-to-person (P2P) payments to other Samsung Pay customers. This service, called Samsung Pay Cash, works just like PayPal, Venmo, Cash App, and Zelle, making Samsung Pay an all-in-one solution for all your purchasing needs. Samsung Pay works with NFT and MST (magnetic strip) systems, so it’s compatible anywhere payment cards are accepted. That’s why more than 100 million people use and trust Samsung Pay every day!

Samsung Pay For USA Vs. International Gambling Online

The way Samsung Pay works is largely the same for users in every supported country, but for online gambling, there are a few different use cases that work better depending on where you are.

For US and international gamblers, the Samsung Pay wallet allows for rapid prepaid card deposits, though American residents can only use Samsung Pay Cash to indirectly fund their accounts by purchasing online betting vouchers.

International players may be able to use Samsung Pay Cash to make P2P deposits directly with their gambling site operators, though this is still mostly unsupported. Vouchers are available to international players as well, of course.

US Players

If you live in the US, you can use the eWallet function of Samsung Pay to make prepaid credit, debit, and gift card deposits at international online betting sites. However, due to the federal UIGEA banking regulation, such payments are occasionally blocked.

Since you don’t want to miss out on the best online casino tournaments, poker tournaments, and time-sensitive sports betting lines, this option isn’t always the best option.

Instead, you should use Samsung Pay Cash to buy online gambling vouchers from other players at your site of choice. This process is explained further down the page, and it’s perfect for making instant deposits to (and claiming same-day payouts from) sites like Bovada LV, Café Casino, and Slots LV.

International Players

International players have mostly the same Samsung Pay wallet options for card transfers that American players do, and they can also use the Samsung Pay Cash option to buy or sell betting vouchers at participating sites.

While the only sites that currently use vouchers are mostly limited to the US audience, we expect other brands to get on the voucher bandwagon sooner than later.

That said, for players living outside of the United States, it may be possible to send P2P payments directly to reputable casino, sports betting, and poker sites using Samsung Pay Cash. However, support for this feature is spotty, and not all sites currently offer the amenity.

For now, if you live outside of the US, you should stick with using Samsung Pay to make efficient card-based deposits at the best prepaid gambling sites. Remember, there is no foreign equivalent of the UIGEA to interrupt these kinds of payments.

Can You Deposit With Bitcoin Using Samsung Pay?

You cannot directly use the Samsung Pay app to make Bitcoin betting deposits or other cryptocurrency deposits (i.e. Stellar deposits, Litecoin deposits, Ethereum deposits, Ripple deposits, Bitcoin Cash deposits, etc.) at prepaid gambling sites. While these sites support various popular cryptocurrencies, you must make such deposits from your crypto exchange wallet or standalone crypto wallet.

How To Use Samsung Pay For Online Betting Deposits

There are two distinct ways to use Samsung’s digital wallet when making online betting transactions, and both are covered in this Samsung Pay review.

For USA customers, the service is slightly more versatile thanks to Bovada’s voucher system, but anyone can use Samsung Pay to make prepaid credit, debit, and gift card deposits.

Card-Based Deposits

With Samsung Pay, credit card and debit/gift card transactions are simple to kick off, as these work as usual at all the best online gambling sites.

If you’ve ever used your card to purchase goods or services over the Internet, the process is exactly the same: Just visit your prepaid gambling operator’s cashier page, select the type of transaction you wish to make (i.e. Visa, Mastercard, AmEx, Discover, etc.), and the Samsung Pay app will fill in the required fields automatically.

Be sure to select any standard bonus you wish to apply to your account before submitting your payment. Then, once you initiate the transfer, your payment should clear within a few seconds, and you’ll be ready to gamble!

Gambling Vouchers

Gambling VouchersIf you wish to use Samsung Pay to buy gambling vouchers from other site members with which to deposit into your account, the procedure is slightly more involved and requires a short explanation.

We’ll use Bovada Casino for our example since Bovada was the first site to employ the gambling voucher method.

  1. Follow any link on this page to Bovada (or any other betting site that currently supports voucher-based player transfers).
  2. Enroll at the site by tapping or clicking the “Join” or “Sign Up” button. Remember, you must be at least 18 years old, and you must be sure to use only real, verifiable information. This info is secure and encrypted, and no reputable site listed here will ever share or sell your private personal or financial data.
  3. Skip the deposit option for now and complete the account creation process.
  4. Navigate to the Bovada Community forum and find a Bovada Voucher for sale. (We recommend only using the official Bovada Community pages rather than external online forums like the Bovada Reddit page, though you can find vouchers for sale there, as well.) Make sure that the Bovada Voucher seller accepts Samsung Pay.
  5. Once the sale is agreed to, just open Samsung Pay on your compatible Galaxy device and send the seller your funds using Samsung Pay Cash, which is the P2P instant-pay option inside your Samsung Pay app.
  6. After the payment goes through, your seller will release the Bovada Voucher code to you via text, email, messaging app, etc.
  7. Head over to the Bovada Cashier page and select the Voucher deposit option. Enter your code, and the funds will be credited to your account immediately. At this point, you can also select any casino, sports betting, or poker bonus you wish to boost your bankroll.

There’s nothing else to it, and now you know how to use Samsung Pay online for all your betting needs. The process can take anywhere from a few minutes to a few hours, depending on how responsive your seller is.

That said, once the sale is agreed to, the transfer should go through immediately, and voucher code deposits at your betting site are instant.

Important: If your voucher seller does not release their voucher code in a timely manner, please contact Bovada customer service to file a claim. You may also file a claim with Samsung Pay customer service. To avoid any headaches, please ensure that you trust your voucher seller before sending them your money.

Samsung Pay Withdrawals At Prepaid Gambling Sites

When you deposit using cards from your Samsung Pay wallet or the P2P voucher options via the Samsung Pay Cash app, you can claim normal payouts at any reputable betting site. These include bank wires, courier checks, money orders, etc. However, there are multi-day wait times and small added fees for withdrawing your legal gambling winnings through these avenues.

To claim same-day payouts with Samsung Pay, you must convert your eligible account balance to a voucher code and then sell that code to a fellow site member that uses Samsung Pay Cash. That process is outlined here:

  1. Visit your site cashier and request to withdraw via an online gambling voucher.
  2. Your voucher code will be sent to your site-linked email address.
  3. Post an ad on your site’s community message board, listing the amount of the voucher and that you wish to be paid with Samsung Pay Cash.
  4. When a buyer contacts you, arrange the terms of the sale. They will send payment via Samsung Pay Cash, which will be credited to your Samsung Pay account in just a few minutes.
  5. As soon as you receive your payment, release the voucher code to the buyer via any agreed means (text, messaging app, email, etc.). Please remember to do this ASAP so the buyer can deposit and gamble immediately.

With your money now in your Samsung Pay account, you can move it to a linked debit card, a linked bank account, or cash it out from the app directly using any Samsung Pay ATM or similar service. Nearby Samsung Pay locations can be found within the Samsung Pay app for your convenience.

Samsung Pay Prepaid Gambling Bonuses

Whether you use Samsung Pay to make card-based or P2P gambling voucher deposits at legitimate prepaid betting sites, you will be eligible for the same standard bonuses across the board.

These online betting bonuses can add between 50% and 300% to any deposit – often for thousands of dollars in extra money – depending on the gambling market you choose.

For example, online sports betting promo code will usually be a smaller deposit match with a lower rollover requirement, while an online casino bonus code will come with a higher match and higher rollover requirement. Poker bonuses work differently, usually matching your funds by 100% and crediting your account in small increments as you play more hands.

  • Online Sports Betting Sign-Up Bonus
  • Online Sports Betting Reload Bonus
  • Online Casino Sign-Up Bonus
  • Online Casino Reload Bonus
  • Online Poker Sign-Up Bonus
  • Refer-A-Friend Bonus
  • No-Deposit Match Bonus*

*Online casino no-deposit match bonuses are not usually offered, though you can sometimes find them in the form of “free chips” or “free spins.” Similarly, you may find online sports betting no-deposit bonuses before major events like the Super Bowl or March Madness. These usually come in the form of risk-free bets worth $25 to $50.

Benefits Of Prepaid Gambling With Samsung Pay

Trusted IconThere are several benefits of using Samsung Pay for online bet funding at the best prepaid gambling sites. While all big-name eWallets offer the same general perks, Samsung Pay is widely used because it gives site members all the following features above and beyond more traditional types of gambling banking methods:

  • Convenient Card Storage – Samsung Pay lets you store any common credit, debit, or gift card in one place, so you’ll never lose track of all your different payment options.
  • Accessible And Available – If you have a modern Galaxy smartphone or Galaxy Watch product, you have access to the Samsung Pay app natively. With tens of millions of US users, this means that you can often use the platform to buy and sell betting vouchers.
  • No Downloads Required – The Samsung Pay app comes preinstalled on all compatible Samsung Galaxy devices, so there’s nothing to download. Just be sure to keep your phone updated for the most secure experience.
  • Same-Day Deposits – Regardless of how you use Samsung Pay to fund your online betting, you’ll be able to make quick, same-day deposits so you can gamble ASAP.
  • Same-Day Payouts – By selling your eligible account balance via a gambling voucher at participating sites, you can claim same-day payouts (previously limited only to crypto withdrawals).
  • Bypass The UIGEA – When using Samsung Pay Cash to privately buy betting vouchers, your transactions will never be blocked or interrupted by the US UIGEA banking regulation.
  • No Added Fees – While the cards stored in your Samsung Pay app do have transfer fees per their various service agreements, there are no added fees assessed by the Samsung Pay framework. Private P2P transfers using Samsung Pay Cash have no transfer fees of any kind.
  • Available For Players Aged 18 And Up – Samsung Pay is available to all online gamblers who are at least 18 years of age, making it the perfect complement for all prepaid 18+ betting sites.

Samsung Pay Drawbacks For Online Gambling

Cons icon only real drawback to using Samsung Pay online to fund legal gambling at prepaid betting sites is when it comes to making P2P voucher purchases or sales.

Because you have to use a Galaxy device to have access to Samsung Pay Cash person-to-person transfers, your voucher buyer or seller must also use a Samsung smartphone.

However, that’s a small negative for an otherwise overwhelmingly positive service. Plus, if you have a Samsung Galaxy phone and your voucher buyer/seller does not, you can always use Google Pay, PayPal, Venmo, Cash App, Zelle, or other similar services that work with all Androids and iPhones.

Types Of Gambling Sites That Accept Samsung Pay

Now that you know how to set up Samsung Pay and use it to fund your online gambling, you should familiarize yourself with the types of markets available at the best prepaid gambling sites.

All the best operators have casinos with hundreds of audited, legitimate RNG games available, and several sites also offer online sports betting and online poker. Many even include online racebooks featuring daily races from tracks all around the world!

Online Casinos Accepting Samsung Pay

The best prepaid online casinos all accept Samsung Pay card deposits, and the best online casino of all – Bovada Casino – also supports casino voucher codes. Regardless of the site you choose, of course, you’ll get hundreds of random-number-generated (RNG) online casino games that are certified for fair iGaming compliance.

These include all the real-money casino classics, like online slots, online blackjack, American and European roulette, baccarat, online bingo, keno, craps, online video poker, live dealer casino games, and more.

Online Sportsbooks Accepting Samsung Pay

If you want to bet on your favorite players and teams using Samsung Pay credit card, debit card, gift card, or P2P options, you can get the very best odds and lines at the top-rated prepaid sportsbooks listed here. These sites offer more value for your money than domestic US or international options, with smaller house takes eating into your profit margins.

With live sports betting, prop bet builders, and even markets like eSports odds, political odds, and entertainment betting, you’ll never run out of things to wager on with any of these excellent online bookmakers.

Online Poker Rooms Accepting Samsung Pay

Online poker is the craze that started it all, and that craze has never missed a beat. The game is more popular than ever, which is why many of the best prepaid online poker rooms accept Samsung Pay betting deposits. When you want to hit the felts and play your hand against real people in real time, online is where the action is.

These sites feature all the customary games, from Texas Hold ‘Em to Omaha to Omaha Hi-Lo, and they’ve got cash tables, Sit ‘N’ Gos, and major online poker tournaments taking place 24/7/365. So what are you waiting for? Ante up today!

Samsung Pay Vs. Google Pay

Google Pay logoIf you’re wondering whether Google pay or Samsung Pay is better for legal online gambling deposits and withdrawals at prepaid betting sites, it’s almost a moot point. You can make Google Pay gambling site deposits with any Samsung device, so you have both options at your disposal. And, frankly, they both do about the same thing, offering e-Wallets and P2P payment platforms.

That said, if you do have a Galaxy phone, we recommend Samsung Pay over G Pay, as Samsung’s hardware-based Knox security chip is a more advanced solution than Google Pay can match. Still, either choice is perfectly fine for online bet funding at prepaid gambling sites.

Samsung Pay Vs. Apple Pay

Apple PayThere is some debate as to whether Apple Pay or Samsung Pay is the superior service, though it’s largely academic: You can’t use Samsung Pay on iPhones or iPads, and you can’t use Apple Pay on Samsung Galaxy devices. So, if you’re a Galaxy owner, you’ll use Samsung Pay, and if you’re an iPhone owner, you’ll take advantage of Apple Pay gambling sites.

When it comes to overall utility, both services offer the same broad features, with full eWallet access and P2P instant-pay options to choose from. In other words, the Apple Pay-Samsung Pay argument is irrelevant for online gambling, and you can’t go wrong with either service.

Samsung Pay Gambling FAQs

How does Samsung pay work?

Samsung Pay works by acting as a digital wallet (or eWallet) for all your credit cards, debit cards, prepaid cards, secured cards, and gift cards, allowing you to organize and access them right on your Galaxy device of choice.

You can even use Samsung Pay Cash to make instant person-to-person (P2P) transactions with other Samsung Pay users, which are perfect for buying and selling online gambling vouchers.

What phones work with Samsung Pay?

The list of Samsung Pay compatible phones is quite long and can be found at the official Samsung Pay website. There are dozens of models of Samsung Pay phones and devices to choose from.

That said, if you own any Galaxy smartphone, Galaxy Note smartphone, or Galaxy Watch product made within the last several years, you should be able to use Samsung Pay.

Please note that earlier models may require the Samsung Pay app to be downloaded separately.

Does Samsung pay work with credit cards?

Yes! Just about any credit card, prepaid credit card, debit card, gift card, or rewards card can be stored safely on your Galaxy phone with Samsung Pay.

You can even get a special Samsung Pay credit card that plays nice with the service and earns enhanced Samsung Pay rewards points.  

Is Samsung Pay safe?

There is really no question as to how safe Samsung Pay is, given that the cards stored on the service come with all their own encryption guarantees. Samsung Pay then adds several layers of security on top of those!

In fact, it is actually safer to use your cards through the Samsung Pay portal than it is to use them by themselves, whether you’re shopping in person or online.

How secure is Samsung Pay?

Is Samsung Pay secure for online gambling? You bet it is!

On top of the encryption standards that various banks use with each card itself, Samsung Pay’s hardware enhancements include the Samsung Knox chip, ARM TrustZone, and fingerprint/face scanners (as well as Samsung Pay PIN codes), all of which combine to give you another huge layer of security.

Where is Samsung pay accepted?

Samsung Pay is accepted in dozens of countries around the world. Basically, you can use Samsung Pay anywhere that you’re be able to use the card or cards that you’ve linked to the service.

Samsung Pay Cash and Samsung Pay Card geographical limitations are slightly more restrictive, as these are based on your country of origin and other factors.

Where can you use Samsung pay for prepaid online gambling?

All the best prepaid gambling sites listed here will let you make Samsung Pay deposits using your stored cards.

If you wish to buy betting vouchers using Samsung Pay Cash, you’ll need to gamble with one of the sites in the Bovada network (Bovada LV, Slots LV, Café Casino, etc.).   

How do I stop a Samsung Pay payment?

You can often cancel a Samsung Pay transfer within the Samsung Pay app itself, provided you submit the request soon after the payment was initiated.

If you have any trouble, please contact Samsung customer service for more information on how to stop Samsung Pay transactions.

Note: You can disable Samsung Pay at any time in your phone’s settings, and you can also uninstall Samsung Pay or remove Samsung Pay from home screen access. However, these measures will not stop a Samsung Pay transfer from going through.

Can I get Samsung Pay rewards?

Yes! You can earn Samsung Pay cashback rewards on your branded Samsung Pay credit card, and you can also earn rewards for using your Samsung Pay Cash balance.

Of course, you earn all the regular rewards tied to other cards within your Samsung Pay account, too.

How do I contact Samsung Pay customer service?

You can reach the Samsung Pay support team at 1-800-SAMSUNG (726-7864), or you can call Samsung Pay Cash support directly at 1-800-270-4169.

The official Samsung Pay website also offers 24/7 web-based chat assistance.

Can I get Samsung Pay on my iPhone?

No. Samsung Pay is not just a wallet app that you can install on any brand of smartphone. Instead, it requires custom hardware that is only found on Galaxy devices. As such, there is no iPhone Samsung Pay app.

This may change in the future, but if you own an iPhone, we recommend handling all your banking – gambling and otherwise – with Apple Pay.

What is Samsung Bill Pay?

Samsung Bill Pay is an option that allows you to set up direct deposits for automating car payments, house payments, utility payments, and so on.

There is no way to use Samsung Bill Pay at prepaid online gambling sites.