GreenDot MoneyPak Gambling Review – How To Use GreenDot MoneyPak To Deposit Into Online Casinos, Sportsbooks And Poker Sites

Update: This option is no longer available.  We recommend looking into our pages on MST Gift Card gambling options or Bitcoin gambling sites both which are definitely working in 2017.

Greendot Moneypak is a highly flexible prepaid payment method that allows you to transfer funds to a variety of destinations, including prepaid cards, such as Visa or MasterCard (their website has a list of the prepaid cards that they partner with), as well as digital wallets such as Paypal. There are also select credit cards, bank accounts, cash transfer services, and other destinations which are able to receive Greendot Moneypak funds transfers. It really is one of the most flexible prepaid gambling options available to American players. Moneypak works as a cash top up card and can be purchased at local drug stores and convenience stores, and sometimes retail departments stores such as Walmart. Walmart is actually one of their verified partners and you can use your Moneypak to reload your Walmart MoneyCard. For a complete list of reload options, you can visit the GreenDot Moneypak official website. You can use your GreenDot MoneyPak to fund a prepaid GreenDot Visa or MasterCard and fund your account at one of our featured prepaid casinos, prepaid sports betting sites or prepaid poker sites.

One of the biggest draws to using Greendot Moneypak cash deposits is the ability to use cash to fund your online gambling participation rather than exposing your credit card or bank account information to third party gambling merchants. Many USA players prefer to use cash to fund their accounts simply to protect their personal financial information from being exposed unnecessarily online. In a time where fraud and identity theft are commonplace, this precaution is well founded. Be sure to review the fraud prevention information found on the Greendot Moneypak website for the safest experience possible.

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    How GreenDot Moneypak Deposits Work

    I already have a reloadable GreenDot prepaid Visa card, so the destination for my GreenDot Moneypak was already in place. If you do not have a card to reload, then you can either purchase one at a physical retail location, or you can purchase one online at, and you will be provided with the temporary card information to use immediately. They will mail the physical card to you within 5-7 business days. I then simply went to my local Walgreens and purchased a Greendot MoneyPak in the amount that I wanted, using cash. GreenDot Moneypaks can be purchased at drug stores, convenience stores, Radio Shack, Walmart, and other retail locations. The next step is to visit the GreenDot MoneyPak website to load the cash onto my Green Dot prepaid Visa card or MasterCard, and proceed to use that prepaid card to fund my online gambling account. You just choose Visa or MasterCard from the gambling site's cashier and then enter your prepaid GreenDot card info. It was fast, easy, and effective. That's if you want to use it as a regular credit card. However if you want to use your moneypak reloads as deposits, read below.

    Featured All In One Casino, Poker And Sportsbook Offering Guaranteed Moneypac Deposits

    Betonline is the only reputable gambling site we know that definitely takes greendot moneypak deposits. They have cleverly come up with a way to appease players looking to deposit and withdrawal with 1 elegant system. Their concept is simple, they ask you to give them your moneypak reload # via email or live chat, and they will process the reload onto another players card who is looking to cashout via greendot moneypak. In turn they load your gambling account with the reload amount that you purchased. However in order for this to work, you must have a physical greendot card in your name that must be verified by simply taking a picture of the front and back of the card and sending it to Betonline verifications department. Once your verified your good to go and can easily deposit and withdrawal at any time via moneypaks.Betonline accepts players worldwide including those residing in the USA, and all new players get awarded with a 50% deposit bonus. They have all sorts of great promotions for existing players as well. They are a great book and come highly recommended by us.

    I've personally tested this system out and it works like a champ. On occasion you may have to wait a few hours for them to process your deposit until another player requests a withdrawal, but they are getting faster and faster as more and more players utilize this option.Betonline offers a full rtg casino, sportsbook with the best lines and betting options in the business, and also a nice poker room with plenty of fish. They truly are one of the best 1 stop shops for all your gambling needs. PS: If you need more details on this option, when your on the homepage wait for the slider to change to the greendot image, then click on it for more details. Also keep in mind using moneypaks for your deposits is much safer than using your greendot card as a regular credit card in the cashier. You might be successful with your deposit, but if you use it more than a couple times as a credit card greendot will cancel your account since credit card transactions show up related to gambling. The moneypak reloads won't encounter such problems, and they are completely anonymous as the only information exchanged is the reload # itself. PSS: I forgot to mention they offer same day withdrawals loaded onto your greendot visa card. So once you get this setup, it's a dream playing here with an easy depositing and cashing out system using your greendot moneypaks. It's truly a god send for USA players who want simple and fast prepaid alternatives to using their credit cards. Visit Betonline Casino And Sportsbook

    Casinos That Accept GreenDot MoneyPak

    Below are casinos that accept moneypac deposits. We can only guarantee them at Betonline, but we've also had success in using our greendot card as a regular credit card at some of the other sites listed here.

    Sportsbooks That Accept GreenDot MoneyPak

    Bovada is the only site we can guarantee your moneypak deposits to get approved.

    For players who are unable to successfully use their GreenDot MoneyPak to fund their sports betting account, we suggest checking out our featured online sports betting sites that accept EZ Voucher.

    SiteBonusRatingUSA Visit
    Bovada logo50% Max $1,0005.0 ⭐️USA Flag iconVisit Site

    Poker Sites Accepting GreenDot MoneyPak Deposits

    Betonline is the only poker site we can guarantee accepts your moneypak reload. The others are hit and miss and you should use your greendot card as a regular credit card to see if it goes through.

    SiteBonusRatingUSA Visit
    BetOnline logo100% Max $1,0004.7 ⭐️USA Flag iconVisit Site
    Sportsbetting ag logo100% Max $1,0004.5 ⭐️USA Flag iconVisit Site

    If Your Greendot Deposit Is Unsuccessful

    If the GreenDot MoneyPak doesn't work out for you, there are multiple poker sites which accept prepaid vouchers - a viable and trusted alternative.

    There are instances, though not all that common, where the GreenDot prepaid card is not successful in funding online gambling, and in this case we recommend that you use your GreenDot prepaid card to purchase a prepaid virtual voucher such as PasteandPay or other secure voucher system, an MST gift card, or another prepaid option such as UnionPay. US players are often required to be flexible when funding online gambling accounts due to the strict regulation that is in place regarding how online gambling transactions can be processed. It is wise to have a backup plan or two should your preferred option not come through for you occasionally. That is the objective of this guide to legal prepaid gambling options. We want players to have everything they need to maneuver the tricky maze of online gambling deposits easily, armed with a variety of prepaid options at your disposal that will provide reliable deposits for players in the United States.

    Below we have listed sites which accept GreenDot prepaid Visa and/or MasterCard, as well as sites that accept prepaid voucher systems, MST gift cards, and UnionPay in case you find yourself needing a backup option in the event that your GreenDot MoneyPak doesn't come through for you. In my experience, MST gift cards and prepaid vouchers have been the most reliable alternatives should my GreenDot prepaid card fail me. Each of the brands you see featured here has been evaluated and extensively tested using our complex review process, and executed by a team of online gambling professionals with a great deal of experience and who know exactly what to look for in determining the legitimacy and quality of an online gambling site. Each of these sites has been found to provide a secure, reliable, and overall high quality online gambling experience.

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