Ukash Prepaid Gambling Review – Using Ukash To Deposit Into Online Casinos, Sportsbooks And Poker Sites

The Ukash prepaid gambling deposit option has so many benefits and really no negatives. The service is easy to sign up for, and is available to all UK residents. Every country is different regarding what it views as legal and acceptable financial vehicles for opening and funding accounts, and this UK payment option is widely accepted, resulting in legitimate and industry recognized Internet gambling websites which support this prepaid financing option as prepaid casinos, prepaid poker sites and prepaid sportsbooks. Let's take a look at exactly how it works, how you can set up an account, where you can get this prepaid purchasing option and what your benefits will be from using this particular account financing method.

News Update 2017: Ukash was bought out by Paysafecard.  So there are no longer any gambling sites that accept Ukash deposits.  However there are many gambling sites that accept Paysafecard.

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    Sportsbooks That Accept Ukash Prepaid Cards


    Poker Sites Accepting Ukash Deposits


    Where To Find Ukash Options

    Whether you are located in England, Scotland, Northern Ireland or Wales, as a United Kingdom resident, you can open an account. And the process is rather simple. Head over to the official Ukash website and enter your street and town or postcode in the specially marked box to locate your nearest physical Ukash outlet. The store locator will track down the nearest of the 50,000 retail dispensers to your location. In the UK you can quickly find retail outlets by looking for any physical location with a Payzone, PayPoint or Epay terminal. If you are unsure exactly where you can use your prepaid account, the official company website lists many of the partners that support this versatile payment processor. This funding option also provides free store locator apps for the Apple App Store and Android powered devices through the Google Play Store. A little further down on this page you will be provided with a listing of reliable and trusted gambling sites which accept Ukash deposits as a part of the reputable network of prepaid gambling sites that have been vetted by our team of specialists.

    How Ukash Works

    Once you have located a retailer at which to obtain Ukash cards, you can pay cash for a unique prepaid card with a 19 digit code. You may open an account with anywhere between 5 and 200 GBP depending on the outlet, dispensary or news agent you choose. This payment solution also now allows you to top-up your card and deposit money to your account online, through the website using your Visa or MasterCard credit or debit cards. Also, they have partnered with one of the most respected financial institutions in the world for a prepaid MasterCard option.

    The only requisites for obtaining and using a Ukash prepaid MasterCard is that you must be 18 years of age, and purchase at least £20 of prepaid value. You can also obtain the Ukash prepaid MasterCard online or in person at one of the many registered retail outlets which sells and honors this prepaid option. The MasterCard logo delivers an instant sense of financial responsibility and respect, and you can then use your card online or in person at the thousands of websites and brick-and-mortar institutions which support payment method. There is absolutely no application or credit check, and this convenient prepaid online casino, sportsbook and poker room funding option delivers several other attractive benefits as well.

    Benefits To Using Ukash

    Ukash prepaid accounts allow you to set personal spending limits, since you can never access credit of any kind, and can never spend more than you have in your account. Convenient top-up options are now available both online and off in tens of thousands of locations so you can add money to your account whenever and wherever you are located. Also, by acting as an insulating layer between your personal financial information and institution and the online wagering website where you use it to open an account, you get the ultimate in protection and peace of mind. Additionally, some of the top rated Internet casinos, poker rooms and sportsbooks will from time to time offer bonuses, free plays, free bets and other incentives when you use your Ukash account to make a deposit.

    As a free service to UK online gamers, we have listed the top reputable and legitimately licensed Internet sportsbook, poker room and casino operators which support Ukash prepaid account funding, with quick click-through access to their websites below.

    If for any reason any of the UK friendly prepaid cards are not convenient for you, we can suggest several trusted brands which accept prepaid vouchers - a viable alternative that provides reliable service.

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