Revolut Prepaid Gambling Review – How To Deposit Into Online Casinos, Poker Sites And Sportsbooks That Accept Revolut Deposits

According to a global banking outlook study carried out by EY Advisory, most consumers today demand to interact with banks whenever they want, however they want, and wherever they want. In addition, they want to shift between banking channels/platforms seamlessly. This shift in consumer demands has seen innovative startups such as Revolut spearhead the fintech revolution. Below is a detailed review of Revolut service.

Update: This ended up not being a good long term solution for gambling deposits.  There was a brief period where a few online gambling sites accepted Revolut, but that was obviously short lived. We recommend using MST prepaid gambling cards or using Bitcoin as your prepaid gambling deposit option.

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    Casinos That Accept Revolut Prepaid Deposits

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    Sportsbooks That Accept The Revolut Payment Option

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    Revolut Poker Rooms

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    An Overview Of Revolut

    Revolut is a fintech startup that has developed a mobile app platform that consumers can use to perform the following financial transactions:

    • Exchange currencies at interbank rates
    • Send money through social networking sites
    • Execute fee-free financial transactions
    • Access and use multi currency cards acceptable worldwide
    • Send and receive money in seconds

    The Revolut team consists of young entrepreneurs determined to disrupt the traditional banking industry that has rarely innovated for ages, retains exorbitant fee structures and has a reputation for poor service delivery. Moreover, the Revolut core team has in-depth knowledge of technology, financial services and product design.

    Using Revolut

    Downloading the Revolut App

    Currently, the Revolut app is only available for Android and iOS devices. To use the app, download it from either the Google Play store or iOS App Store, set up your profile and transfer funds from your debit card or bank account. Your Revolut account will reflect the amount of money deposited meaning you can use it to make purchases online or effect money transfers globally. In general, easy and fast account setup with no bureaucratic hoops to jump through.

    Topping Up Your Revolut Account

    After setting your Revolut profile, you can top up your account in via debit card or direct bank transfer. To top up via debit card, simply open the Revolut app, tap the "Top Up" button, and enter the relevant debit card details. Make sure the billing addresses of your debit card and Revolut account match. If they differ, account top up via debit card will fail due to AVS checks that Revolut carries to verify such transactions.

    Alternatively, you can transfer money directly from your bank to your Revolut account. To do so, open the Revolut app, tap "Top Up,", and navigate to the "Top up via Transfer" option. Make sure both accounts (Revolut and bank) are registered in your name and you have entered the correct eight-digit reference number. If you transfer money from a bank account registered to a family member, friend, or a business, Revolut will return the money after deducting processing fees. Bank transfers may not reflect on your Revolut account immediately due to factors such as the nature of the underlying money transfer infrastructure and protocols. It is worth noting that bank transfers originating outside the EU may attract high transfer fees because they have to go through the SWIFT system. As such, consult your bank and verify money transfer charges before executing this transaction. To avoid exorbitant money transfer fees, consider topping up your Revolut account via a debit card rather than international wire transfer. Finally, Revolut does not support credit card top ups.

    The Revolut Card

    One of the best Revolut features is the Revolut Card, which is a multi-currency card accepted by all merchants who accept MasterCard. What's more, the Revolut card converts the available balance automatically into a local currency, effectively doing away with the hassle of looking for money changers/forex bureaus and calculating interbank rates. Additionally, you do not have to worry about ATM fees or other charges irrespective of where you use the Revolut card.

    Ordering and Accessing a Revolut Card

    To order one, tap "My Card" and then tap the "Deliver the Card to me" button. Expect card delivery to take about five working days due to processing delays caused by high demand. When your card is ready, it will be delivered to the "Card" section. To access the pin of your card, tap the "Show my PIN" button. Unlike traditional debit cards, you can block your card and stop money transfers/receipts directly from the Revolut app.

    Revolut Fees

    According to Revolut, financial transactions done via its app or card are completely free meaning no charges apply. However, transactions that involve third parties such as banks or ATM operators may attract charges that Revolut has no control over. Luckily, most ATM operators notify consumers about applicable charges meaning you can cancel transactions before they are processed.


    Revolut takes consumer privacy and account data security seriously. To start with, Revolut uses 2048-bit SSL protocol to encrypt all data transmitted between its servers and third parties. At the same time, all card transactions are transmitted via secure virtual private network (VPN) tunnels. Moreover, sensitive data such as card details are stored in a PCIDSS level-1 compliant data center. On the consumer side, accounts require 2-step verification and account passwords are cryptographically hashed making it harder for cyber criminals to hack user accounts.

    FCA Approval

    Since Revolut does not accept or keep consumer deposits, it is not subject to FCA approval. Nevertheless, it uses Optimal Payments (FCA approved and regulated) secure payment gateway to enable consumers carry out financial transactions via the Revolut app.


    If you are tired of waiting for your bank to embrace the fintech revolution, you should try Revolut service. Revolut is a fintech company that has developed a secure mobile app platform you can use to make purchases online using any global currency. Moreover, you can transfer money via email, WhatsApp, SMS, and social networking sites without worrying about transaction fees.

    Confirmation That Revolut Is Accepted At Our Recommended Gambling Sites

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