When The GOAT Gambles On Crypto, You Probably Should Too

If you’re a gambler, you probably know who Tom Brady is.

If you’re a sports bettor, you definitely know who Tom Brady is.

For those of you who don’t, the guy’s bio is a mile long. But the short of it is that Brady’s the greatest player in NFL history, holds almost every major quarterback record, has won seven Super Bowls, and has consistently cost skeptical bettors millions of dollars on the worst bad beats of all time.

Falcons fans, you know who you are.

Of course, Brady is the consummate gambler on the football field, even if he doesn’t bet sports in real life. He’s not Michael Jordan, after all. He’s even better.

But the legendary quarterback’s best play might have come relatively recently, and it’s come entirely off the football field.

Last week, Brady let slip that – like so many of those who’ve bet on him over the years – he’s a crypto enthusiast.

In a pre-recorded video aired during the CoinDesk Consensus 2021 conference, Brady described his passion for cryptocurrency:

“I’m a big believer… We’re learning more and more about these emerging markets. I don’t think [crypto] is going anywhere…The world is changing…And you can be ahead of the curve or behind it, and I’m choosing to be ahead of it.”

Of course, for those in the know, Brady had already long hinted at his support for alternative currencies.

He recently changed his social media profile pictures to depict himself with “laser eyes,” which is a nascent meme among big-name crypto fans.

Additionally, Brady recently cofounded Autograph, a platform that promises to focus on NFTs, or non-fungible tokens.

In April, Autograph cofounder Dillon Rosenblatt explained the company this way:

“Autograph will bring together some of the world’s most iconic names and brands with best-in-class digital artists to ideate, create and launch NFTs and ground-breaking experiences to a community of fans and collectors.”

Presumably, this means Brady is heavily invested in Ethereum, which is the premier NFT and smart contract blockchain.

But it also means Brady is likely invested in Cardano (ADA), as Cardano promises to become the leader in smart contracts going forward.

And, of course, you can be sure that Brady holds Bitcoin, Litecoin, Stellar, Ripple, Bitcoin Cash, and numerous other altcoins, despite taking care to never cite them by name.

Unlike fellow billionaire Elon Musk, Brady is aware that his words – like his arm – have the power to move markets, and the sportsman in him is reticent to disrupt the parity of the playing field.

Still, if it’s a popular coin, you can be sure that Brady has a lot of it, which means his support – though understated and ambiguous – will certainly move the crypto industry forward.

In some ways, it already has.

Over the weekend, all major cryptocurrency exchanges saw the biggest coins creep upward in value, after a recent depression following last month’s bull rush.

For you, this simply means that crypto has legs (which is ironically the one knock against Brady’s game).

And since the best online prepaid casinos, prepaid sportsbooks, and prepaid poker rooms all accept various cryptos as bet funding options, you can expect the benefits of using alternative currencies for online gambling to grow as crypto grows.

You can already bet with crypto at the top prepaid gambling sites, but many members still use dollars.

To us, that makes less and less sense.