PayPal My Cash Prepaid Gambling Review – How To Use PayPal My Cash Cards To Deposit Into Online Casinos, Poker Rooms and Sportsbooks

Update: Paypal My Cash prepaid cards are no longer accepted by any gambling sites that we know of as of 2017.  You can look into either Matchpay gambling, Prepaid Voucher gambling, or Bitcoin prepaid gambling sites.

As you probably already know, PayPal does not allow US customers to use their ewallet account for any type of gambling transactions. It is their prepaid card solution that allows US players to fund their online gambling account through this trusted and reputable financial solutions company. PayPal is one of the most widely used online payment methods, and their prepaid cash card has added another element to their services that supports US players who find they are in need of an alternative deposit method for funding prepaid gambling entertainment.

This guide will explain how to use a My Cash prepaid card at a participating online gambling site, discuss safety concerns, and reveal where to purchase one of these prepaid cards. This option works a little differently then some of the other prepaid cards, such as Reloadit and Vanilla reloads, so we've also provided detailed information on how to use My Cash without involving your PayPal ewallet.

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    How To Use PayPal My Cash to Fund Your Online Gambling Account

    My Cash is a reliable way to fund your online gambling account without worrying about the problems that can be associated with gambling related credit or debit card transaction approvals. There are a number of benefits to using a prepaid solution for account funding, and PayPal My Cash ensures success every time whereas traditional prepaid cards can cause issues for US players due to restrictions that are in place for using them Internationally. Using My Cash for online gambling is fairly new, so we felt it would help to lay out the process and steps involved for transferring funds with this method.

    Steps for Using My Cash Cards To Fund Your Online Gambling Account

    1. Register as a customer at one of the participating gambling sites listed on this page. This will entail a short data entry form in which you provide personal identification information such as your name, address and date of birth.

    2. Verify availability of using My Cash to deposit funds by contacting the site's customer support. This step must be done as the availability of this payment method is not around the clock coverage.

    3. After verifying that you can use this option, you can visit a participating retail outlet (listed a little further down on the page) to purchase your My Cash prepaid card. At the time of this writing, Betonline is the only online gambling site that is applying this creative funding option to their banking suite services. They only accept My Cash cards in $500 increments.

    Though you can purchase a card in any amount between $20 and $500, most gambling sites will have a requirement regarding specific accepted denominations. If $500 is more than you planned on depositing, then you can try Vanilla Reload, which only requires a $250 minimum denomination or the Walmart Gift Card, which is usually accepted in any incremental denomination that meets the site's minimum deposit requierments in general.

    4. Once you have purchased your PayPal My Cash prepaid card, you will send it via Fedex courier to 5 Dimes or other online gambling destination you have selected. You must contact the customer support via live chat, email or phone to acquire the deposit information for express courier services.

    5. Once they receive your card, the funds will be applied directly to your account and can be used at your discretion to enjoy responsible online gambling entertainment.

    Casinos That Accept PayPal My Cash Prepaid Deposits

    SiteBonusRatingUSA Visit
    BetOnline logo100% Max $3,0005.0 ⭐️USA Flag iconVisit Site
    Sportsbetting ag logo100% Max $3,0004.7 ⭐️USA Flag iconVisit Site

    There are a few other similar options for using a prepaid cash method at your online gambling site of choice, including Moneypak, Vanilla Reloads, Reloadit and Walmart Gift Cards.

    Sportsbooks That Accept PayPal My Cash Prepaid Cards

    Keep in mind that you must send your My Cash card to the sportsbook via courier, hence you must allow yourself some time to fund your account before any type of big sports event is approaching that you want to bet on. Carefully planning the transit time of the card will make sure you don't miss a big game, match or event.

    Poker Sites Accepting PayPal My Cash Card Deposits

    The PayPal brand is a highly trusted name throughout the world, with their ewallet services being accepted by millions of merchants around the globe. This makes their prepaid cash card just as reputable and well received, and we anticipate that once this payment method has had a chance to show what it can do, it will possibly become the number one online payment solution among USA gamblers.

    Additional Prepaid Cash Cards for US Players:

    Facts About PayPal My Cash Prepaid Cards

    There are a number of benefits. For one, you must use cash to purchase your PayPal prepaid card, hence you are not able to spend more than you have. Secondly, the gambling site at which you are playing will not require a lot of paperwork to verify information as is required with credit card and debit card transactions. Using this option is a simplified and highly secure method for US players to transfer money into their accounts at participating online casinos, sportsbooks and poker rooms. The cash basis on which this works also provides a level of anonymity, which is attractive to players who value their privacy.

    PayPal My Cash prepaid cards can be purchased from a handful of participating retailers, and they've indicated that they are expanding their range of retail outlets in the near future. At this time, you can visit CVS, Rite Aid, Dollar General, Family Dollar and Fred's Super Dollar stores to purchase the card. You can only use cash to make the purchase.

    PayPal Cash prepaid cards are available for purchase in any increment between $20 and $500. However, please keep in mind that the online gambling site you are considering using this payment method at probably has specific requirements regarding the denominations they accept. Our top recommendation at this time is 5 Dimes and they only accept My Cash in increments of $500. This means the minimum you can deposit using this option is $500. Be sure to verify the incremental requirements at the website you are visiting prior to making your purchase as it can vary by site.

    There are a number of safety benefits to using a prepaid option such as My Cash. For one, the cash only nature of this purchase ensures that no third party merchant or gambling site employee has access to your credit card, debit card or bank account information. This extra layer of security is very attractive to many players, particularly if they have ever been a victim of fraud or theft online. In addition, the card is issued by PayPal, which is one of the world's foremost financial services. They employ the highest level of security protocols when producing and processing their prepaid card option. The only breach of security with My Cash cards is if you lose one or provide your card information to an untrustworthy party. Because they act just like cash, they are attractive to thieves and scammers, so always use due diligence in protecting your card and card information.

    Absolutely not. The PayPal prepaid card allows you to load cash funds up to your PayPal wallet. You can then use those funds anywhere that PayPal is accepted. This allows people who choose not to have a bank account or who don't have access to credit or debit cards to still hold and use a PayPal online wallet account. In essence, you can use cash to pay online through this innovative feature, and your possibilities are virtually limitless due to the fact that PayPal is a widely accepted payment method at thousands of merchants world wide. Their mobile app allows you to use PayPal to make purchases at brick and mortar merchants, and their prepaid MasterCard allows you to use your PayPal account anywhere MasterCard is accepted. As you can see, PayPal Cash is a very flexible and fluid payment solution.

    While using prepaid card solutions in this manner is still somewhat new to the online gambling industry, the gambling brands that are already on board offer a nice range of betting services, including casino gambling, sports betting and poker gaming. At this time, only one of our recommended gambling site brands accepts PayPal My Cash prepaid deposits, however this method is so innovative and has seen such success thus far that we are very confident that it will end up becoming a staple in the banking suites of the top Internet gambling destinations.

    The fact that PayPal My Cash prepaid cards are a 'cash only solution' means that US players who opt for this method are not involving their credit cards, debit cards or bank account in the transaction. This is where you get out from under restrictions that are imposed by ewallet brands such PayPal who fear being targeted for non-compliance with the UIGEA bill. Traditional PayPal accounts are funded through your credit card, debit card or bank account. The UIGEA bill prohibits US based banks and credit card companies from processing gambling related transactions, hence a cash alternative does not apply to these restrictions and provides a legal and secure prepaid casino solution for US players.

    Contacting PayPal My Cash

    If you should need to contact PayPal for any reason regarding their My Cash prepaid card, you can do so through any of the following methods:

    By Phone: 1-855-721-5035

    PayPal My Cash Official Website:

    Example Of Casino That Accepts My Cash Card From Paypal

    Non American players can use Paypal directly to fund their gambling accounts since they are legally able to offer their services for gambling outside of the USA. Check out our list of paypal gambling sites.