Cash In With Cash App For Prepaid Football Betting Today

It’s officially football season, and that means it’s time to stop putting off your sports betting inclinations for another year and finally get in the game for good.

Of course, the only way to do that – for most Americans – is to sign up with a legitimate offshore prepaid gambling site such as Bovada, BetOnline, and other top operators.

But signing up is the easy part.

You can do it in five minutes by following the instructions outlined in any of our prepaid sportsbook reviews.

The more difficult part is getting your account funded in a quick, efficient manner.

After all, that’s what is all about, and we’ve got the goods on every rapid deposit method going.

That said, not all deposit methods are created equal.

While each banking option we recommend will allow you to get your account topped off in time for tomorrow’s college football games or Sunday’s NFL Week 1 schedule, they don’t all carry the same benefits.

Choosing The Right Prepaid Bet Funding Option

At PPG, one deposit option – more than any other – is our consistent go-to: cryptocurrency.

We’ve written plenty about the different crypto coins accepted by the best prepaid sports betting sites in the industry, but they all have one big snag when time is of the essence and you’ve never used crypto before:

It takes several days – often up to a week and a half! – to get your hands on cryptocurrency through the usual online exchanges.

Even though services like Coinbase, Coinbase Pro, Bittrex, Kraken, Coinmama, and others are the best ways for most users to acquire cryptocurrency, their account verification processes alone can take up to 48 hours.

Even worse, if you’re a new buyer just getting started with crypto, the first time you buy some, these exchanges make you wait 5-10 days before you can send your crypto off-platform to legal online sportsbooks.

Obviously, if you want to bet this weekend, you’ll need a faster option.

Prepaid Visa and prepaid Mastercard options are instantaneous, but due to the UIGEA banking regulation, such transactions are declined around 10% of the time.

Additionally, when you use such traditional methods to top off your online betting account, you miss out on all the benefits that crypto provides.

For one thing, you don’t get any enhanced bonuses for signing up.

Maximizing your bonus is especially crucial at the beginning of a popular sporting season, because this gives you plenty of time to make full use of the extra cash and easily meet any rollover requirements.

For another thing, using traditional banking options for bet funding doesn’t allow you to easily claim same-day payouts when it’s time to collect your winnings.

Cryptocurrency, remember, is the only way to claim same-day payouts.

While the top sportsbooks online do let you withdraw in crypto regardless of how you’ve deposited, you’ll still have to set up a crypto exchange account or private crypto wallet to collect those winnings.

You might as well get all that out of the way on the front end.

Finally, crypto deposits – if you keep them credited as crypto instead of USD on the sportsbook site – can actually boost your bankroll just by sitting in your account.

Crypto prices change all day, every day, and when they go up, your available betting balance goes up, too!

But again, if you’re a first-time crypto user, the exchange wait times mean you’ll miss out on every valuable line this week – and maybe even next week.

Or will you?

Cash App To The Rescue

Now, you don’t have to wait to get your hands on some Bitcoin (BTC), even if you’ve never purchased any before.

Instead, you can use Cash App to buy BTC immediately.

Even better, there are no limitations within Cash App that prevent you from then sending that Bitcoin off-platform to any external wallet – in this case, the wallet for your online betting site.

While Cash App is limited to Bitcoin only for now, that’s also OK.

Bitcoin is still the best crypto asset for new users to add to their portfolios, so it’s a fine jumping-off point.

How To Buy Bitcoin With Cash App

Here’s how you can buy and use Bitcoin for online sports gambling with Cash App ASAP:

  1. Download Cash App for iPhone or Android via the App Store or Google Play store.
  2. Set up your Cash App account by following all the instructions provided within the app itself.
  3. Verify your identity per Cash App’s KYC standards.
  4. Link your bank account or credit/debit card to the service.
  5. Head over to the Bitcoin tab and enter in the amount of USD you’d like to trade for BTC.
  6. The Bitcoin will be credited to your Cash App Bitcoin wallet within 30-60 minutes.

On the Cash App side, that’s all there is to it.

How To Deposit Bitcoin With Cash App

To move your new Bitcoin into your sports betting account, here are the appropriate steps:

  1. Follow any link on this page to sign up at a legal online prepaid sportsbook. For new bettors, we recommend Bovada, and we’ve got a special limited-time Bovada bonus code you can use to increase the site’s standard $750 Bitcoin sports bonus to $1000! Check out this link to learn more. Bovada also has a live NFL 2021 Kickoff Giveaway, where you can have a chance to win $5600 each week or take home an all-expenses-paid trip for two to Super Bowl 56 in Los Angeles!
  2. Enter in all your personal information as requested, and be sure to use only real, verifiable data. All reputable prepaid online sportsbooks use KYC industry best practices to ensure that only you have access to your betting account and bankroll balance.
  3. Select the Bitcoin deposit option and copy down your site’s Bitcoin sending address.
  4. Open Cash App on your mobile device and enter in the above BTC address. Alternatively, you can use Cash App’s QR code feature to scan your site’s BTC address and fill in the recipient field automatically.
  5. Enter the amount of BTC (in mBTC, or milliBitcoin) you wish to transfer to your sportsbook.
  6. Submit your deposit. Be sure to indicate whether you want to keep your balance in mBTC or USD. We recommend the latter, as this allows you to take advantage of live changes in the value of BTC on the trading market.

Your online betting account will show your BTC balance in full within 30-60 minutes, and once your account is loaded up with funds, you can wager on all the games you want.

Pro-Tip: If you keep your sportsbook betting balance credited with mBTC, you may need to use a conversion site to see how much each wager is worth in US dollars. We recommend for this, as it’s our go-to.

So there you have it.

In just a few minutes, you can get your online crypto investments off the ground along with your legal online sports betting pastime.

There’s never been a better time to get started with either.

This is the year!

(Well, not for the Cowboys, but still.)