PayPal, Venmo, Other P2P Apps Now Supported By Top Sites

Here at PPG, alternative payment options are our cause célèbre.

They are our raison d’être.

You know, our…je ne sais quoi.

And various other French turns of phrase.

After all, we have fully surrendered to the allure of prepaid online gambling, with its easy transactions, UIGEA-compatible processes, oft-enhanced betting bonuses, and so on.

Typically, of course, the best prepaid gambling options we tout are the various betting-friendly crypto coins supported by the top sites (i.e. Bitcoin, Litecoin, etc.), as they come with favorable limits, the best bonuses, and – most importantly – same-day payouts.

However, there’s now another pair of options that are nearly as good, and in many cases, potentially even better: vouchers and MatchPay.

To be clear, these aren’t universal options.

Vouchers and MatchPay are both available at Bovada, where MatchPay is exclusively offered. Meanwhile, vouchers are actually available at a few other similar sites, like Café Casino and Slots LV.

We don’t know when or if other sites will get on board with either option, but it’s clear that they absolutely should.

That said, these limitations shouldn’t be a problem.

If you’re an avid online gambler, you’ve almost certainly got a Bovada membership in addition to your account at any other top-rated betting site.

And if you don’t have a Bovada membership, you should get one ASAP.

Ditto for the other venues listed above.

So maybe these new prepaid deposit options will be the things that get you over the hump.

Gambling Vouchers

Online betting vouchers (aka “player transfers”) were actually introduced some time ago, though they haven’t been widely used until recently.

At the sites that offer vouchers, players now have the option to indirectly fund their bankrolls via popular P2P instant-pay apps, including the following:

To be clear, despite having hundreds of millions of users between them, these P2P platforms and e-Wallet services are not directly supported by overseas betting sites.

This is due to UIGEA compliance.

However, with gambling vouchers and transfers, there’s an ingenious workaround.

By using these options, players at a given site can buy and sell account balances among one another via private P2P transfers.

Let’s say you want to use PayPal to make a deposit at Café Casino.

Since the site can’t accept PayPal as such, you’ll instead choose the “voucher” or “player transfer” option from the cashier page.

Then, head over to the Café Casino community boards and find a voucher or player transfer for sale in an amount that works for your needs.

Contact the seller through the site’s messaging portal, get their PayPal information, and send them a private transfer of the cash amount in question.

There are no fees, and transactions process immediately.

Then, simply go back to the site cashier, enter in the voucher code or transfer code you’ve received from your fellow site member, and the balance is credited to your account immediately.

No fuss, no muss.

The sole caveat here is that you need to be able to trust your seller.

While the sites we recommend have user protections in place as long as you contact sellers through official site channels, you can actually buy voucher codes and transfer codes off-site via other forums.

In such cases as these, of course, the site has less oversight that it can effectively exert, and trust becomes paramount.

It’s for this reason that we suggest only buying gambling vouchers and player transfers through branded site portals.

For sellers, the voucher/transfer process can also often come with same-day betting payouts, which used to be the sole domain of cryptocurrency.

You won’t get same-day payouts every time (as this is dependent on other members answering your ad), but more often than not, you will.

Bovada MatchPay  

Vouchers and player transfers are great, as they open the door to many different deposit and withdrawal options that aren’t natively supported by your gambling site of choice.

But they are a bit clunky, requiring members to jump through extra hoops and take on unnecessary risks if the transactions are initiated off-platform (which, again, we do not recommend).

In order to get around this – to both streamline the overall process and eliminate all risk – Bovada has introduced support for the third-party MatchPay service.

Through the Bovada Cashier, you can sign up for the MatchPay service, which is 100% free and takes about two minutes.

Once you’re enrolled, you are now a MatchPay Trader.

Within MatchPay, simply select the various P2P services you already use (i.e. PayPal, Venmo, Cash App, Apple Pay, G Pay, etc.), enter in the amount of money you wish to deposit or withdraw, and MatchPay does the rest.

This works exactly like the voucher/transfer process above, except you don’t have to buy or sell any codes, set up or answer ads for the same, or worry about your seller absconding with your funds without honoring their end of the bargain.

MatchPay is a truly ideal solution that makes using PayPal and other P2P apps and eWallets a breeze.

And because MatchPay is fully automated, you can claim same-day payouts using the service even more reliably than you can with vouchers or player transfers.

The only negative is that while vouchers and player transfers come with deposit and withdrawal maximums of $3000 and $15,000 respectively, MatchPay max limits are set at $1000 per transaction.

Of course, for the vast majority of online gamblers, that’s more than enough (and it likely only matters for withdrawals even when it matters at all).

All in all, both vouchers/transfers and MatchPay are excellent additions to the online betting space, and we hope that more sites start rolling out similar services of their own sooner rather than later.

For our part, we’ll continue to primarily use crypto for online gambling, as we’re avid hodlers as well as bettors, but it’s nice that these new options are finally available.

And remember, even when you deposit into the best prepaid online gambling sites with vouchers, transfers, or MatchPay, you can always claim your payouts in crypto.

The choice – more than ever – is yours!