How To Get A Fast Payout At A Prepaid Gambling Site

There are many reasons a gambler may prefer a prepaid method for making an online deposit for the purposes of gambling. Anonymity and transaction speed are just a few of the perks of using a prepaid gambling option to fund your account.

But what about payouts? Sure, speed is paramount when requesting money, regardless of the reason. Are there options for receiving winnings that match the security offered with uploading cash via a tried-and-true prepaid method?

Here are a few recommendations for attaining the fastest payouts at our favorite prepaid gambling sites.

Gambling Vouchers

If the prepaid sportsbook or casino that you are doing business with offers vouchers, they can be issued as a payout within seconds. “Yeah, but isn’t that just a gift card to use at the gambling sites?”

Yes, that is exactly what it is. The dollars can only be used with the venue that issued the voucher. However, these casino and sportsbook vouchers can be sold to other members of that same gambling site.

That may seem like a few too many steps, but the benefits are plentiful. First, these voucher dollars can be sold to another member via any payment method the buyer and seller agree to.

This means that players can use PayPal, Venmo, or any other banking option to get payouts that both parties hold accounts with or possess.

Arrangements can be made in the user forums at any gambling site that offers vouchers. For players that would prefer to have a third party oversee the transaction, MatchPay is a vendor that offers that service.

However, MatchPay is limited to the banking options that are included in their banking suite, whereas personally arranged transactions can occur over any medium you choose.

Cryptocurrency Payouts

For many years, withdrawing winnings with cryptocurrency has been our preferred method of getting paid. If anonimity and security are what you’re after, crypto tops out at 100% in both requirements.

Almost all of the prepaid betting sites that we recommend allow Bitcoin payouts, but each venue’s banking suite varies in the altcoins that round out their offerings.

Most sites complete cryptocurency withdrawals within hours, but we’ve had transactions take over a day on a couple of occasions. These delays are mostly due to blockchain processing and how busy the banking window is at that given time.

Another benefit of using BTC and other altcoins is that there are rarely any fees attached. Cost-free payouts are important because it doesn’t cut into your winnings that you earned fair and square.

There can be a bit of a learning curve when first adopting crypto, but many of the sites have robust FAQ sections and how to guides that walk you through the entire process.

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