Five Reasons To Consider Prepaid Gambling Online

Online gambling is a booming industry across the United States. Because all bets are made and games are played online, depositing funds and withdrawing winnings using a prepaid method have many benefits over standard methods.

Whether you intend on prepaid casino gambling, sports betting, or online poker, one of the best ways to upload funds or get paid is by using a prepaid method. Below, we’ve compiled our rationale for why gamblers in 2023 should think about prepaid betting.

5 Reasons To Consider Prepaid Gambling

  1. Anonymity – We’re not here to judge. For some, a banking option with no name attached is a benefit that makes prepaid deposits and withdrawals attractive. Whether you’re using a voucher code or a prepaid debit card to make a deposit, there is no name attached to the online financial transaction.
  2. Freedom Of Choice – Purchasing a prepaid voucher gives players the ability to buy sportsbook or casino funds using any method they prefer. Voucher buyers and sellers come together and agree upon the payment type, allowing exchanges to occur using any peer-to-peer vendor on the market. Methods like PayPal, Venmo, Cash App, and other peer-to-peer vendors aren’t accepted at gambling sites. Purchasing or selling a gambling voucher opens the door to these popular choices.
  3. Near-Instant Payouts – Players that want to get paid out immediately in cash can sell their gambling site vouchers to other members of the same site. This can occur within minutes and can be arranged through the members themselves or via a third-party app like MatchPay. We’ve found MatchPay to be much quicker and more convenient than finding sellers on gambling site forums.
  4. Withdrawals Can Be Made More Often – USD and cryptocurrency payouts cannot be requested every day, with timelines that vary from site to site. For instance, Bovada LV does not limit the number of vouchers you can request as long as there are withdrawable funds in your account.
  5. No Fees Are Attached – There are no fees when depositing voucher funds or withdrawing by requesting a voucher code. The sales of vouchers could incur fees depending on which P2P vendor was used. MatchPay transactions are free but do not account for any fees added by the financial institution that was used to buy or sell the voucher.

In addition, gambling vouchers and MatchPay are safe methods of funding your online gambling. Uploads cannot be denied by government oversight, ensuring that your cash arrives in your betting account without delay.