Win Cryptocurrency Playing Crypto Miner At Bovada

From time to time, online gambling sites offer their members free contests and promotions that don’t require the depositing of funds into accounts.

Most promotions involve matching a deposit by a certain percentage and adding it to the user’s online bankroll for gambling in their casino and sportsbook.

Bovada.LV has created a new contest where its members can stuff their accounts with cryptocurrency, and the only cost to enter is a previous deposit using Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin SV, Ethereum, Litecoin, or Tether.

One of the most trusted online sportsbooks in the game today is Bovada, and when they offer free crypto, we take notice.

Each month for the remainder of 2023, Bovada is giving out $5,000 in cryptocurrency to the top fifty finishers. First place get’s $1,000, second gets $500, with cash prizes also given out to members that rank third through fiftieth.

How To Win Crypto At Bovada

Qualified Bovada members can simply click the red “play now” button on the page detailing the promotion to begin trying to crack the monthly top 50 scores.

Hosted on Bovada’s website is a video game called Crypto Miner that closely resembles the gameplay and board style of Pac-Man. Direct your crypto miner character around the board and gobble up as many altcoins as you can before time expires.

There are also roadblocks and a teddy bear that roams the board, looking to end your game and eat up all your points. The game can be played using the direction arrows on your keypad.

Members can play Crypto Miner as many times as they like. Only the top score is retained for the contest each month, with all scores resetting to zero when each new month begins.

Bovada has been one of the best prepaid sports betting sites since 2011. If you haven’t deposited with cryptocurrency yet, there are several reasons you should consider it.

The first is that crypto is not governed by any country, which means there is no chance that deposits or withdrawals can be interrupted by any regulatory body.

The second is that all online transactions are as secure as possible, with most altcoins traveling through the blockchain, which is nearly impossible to crack.

To get the fastest sportsbook payouts at Bovada, cryptocurrency is the way to go. Withdrawals arrive in cryptocurrency wallets within minutes and never take longer than 24 hours to complete.

In the case of Bovada’s Crypto Miner contest, a prior Bitcoin deposit is all that it takes to earn as many free attempts per month at the grand prize.

Winners are chosen on the last day of each month so there is still plenty of time to climb to the top of the leaderboard in June and beyond. Good luck!