UseMyFunds Gambling Review – A Look at UseMyBank – UseMyFunds to Transfer Funds Into Online Casinos, Sportsbooks and Poker Sites

Updated: Usemyfunds is no longer accepted at any online gambling sites as of 2017.

This payment solution is not necessarily a prepaid gambling deposit method, but its reliability, ease of use and benefits made it worthy of inclusion in this guide. Previously known as UseMyBank, the UseMyFunds payment solution is provided as a funding option in the cashier of many gambling sites that accept non-USA players. The company recently underwent a re-branding and logo change from UseMyBank to the new name of UseMyFunds. The services, functions and processes all remained the same, with the name and logo being the only real changes that took place with the exception of a few expansions in their overall services menu. Use My Funds is one service offered through the UseMyServices range of options that includes a variety of financial services to consumers and merchants. Most gambling sites have already transitioned over to the new name and logo, however they are still being used interchangeably by those merchants who have retained the previous name and logo for customer recognition reasons. You may see either the UseMyBank or UseMyFunds logo in the cashier at the banking suite of the casino, poker site or sportsbook at which you are visiting.

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    Casinos That Accept Usemyfunds/Usemybank Deposits


    Sportsbooks That Accept Usemyfunds/Usemybank Deposits


    Poker Sites That Accept Usemyfunds


    What Makes UseMyFunds More Secure Than Other Payment Solutions?

    This payment service offers a few elements that are not found in many of the other funding options. The way this service operates delivers a specific type of protection for your financial data by providing a secure buffer between your banking information and the merchant at which you are using it. In essence, you are funding your gambling account directly from the funds in your bank account, but are not sharing your account information with the gambling site itself. Use my Funds allows players to utilize the online bill payment service at their bank to transfer funds electronically to participating merchants. The UMF service initiates the funds transfer and does not share any account numbers or personal data with the gambling site cashier. The transfer is facilitated through a unique login profile created during your account registration. Neither the UMF service nor the gambling site merchant has access to your personal bank account information. It is a very straightforward and user friendly payment method that is embraced by numerous gambling sites supporting international players.

    How Do I Set Up a UseMyFunds Account?

    To register for an account, you simply visit the UseMyServices website and enter minimal personal identification information. It only takes a few minutes to complete, and your account is instantly available for use. Your banking information is not shared during the creation or use of your UsemyServices account.

    Does UseMyFunds Accept Customers From All Regions?

    Unfortunately this option is not US friendly, and is available in a limited number of countries. Non USA gamblers in the following nations have access to the Use My Services financial offerings: Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Germany, Mexico, the Netherlands, Poland and the United Kingdom. US gamblers in search of reliable funding methods can visit our sections on Union Pay, MST Gift Card betting sites and PasteandPay EZ Vouchers for the most reliable US friendly prepaid gambling options.

    How Does Use My Funds Actually Work To Fund My Online Gambling Account?

    The process is very streamlined. You transfer funds into your casino, sportsbook or poker account by selecting the Use My Funds or Use My Bank logo from the menu in the cashier. At that time, you will be prompted to provide your unique login information and select your bank from among the options listed to authorize your funds transfer. The funds are delivered to your gambling account in real time, with no exposure to your personal banking information. It is easy, fast and completely secure.

    Can I Also Withdraw Money From My Account with UseMyFunds - UseMyBank?

    Absolutely. This does require that you complete a pre-authorization step that simply involves filling out some information on a single required document. This document can be downloaded from your account, and then returned to UMF upon completion to authorize funds transfers into your bank account from participating merchants. These are called PAD transactions. There is a $1.00 surcharge assessed by UMF for PAD transactions.

    The Benefits To UseMyFunds – UseMyBank Gambling Deposits

    One of the most obvious perks to using this payment solution is the enhanced security. We all know that banks use the absolute most sophisticated security protocols and encryption technology. Couple that with the fact that your personal bank information is never ever shared with the gambling site in any way, and you've got complete security on all levels. Other benefits include instant availability from funds transferred in real time, and a nice selection of merchants who participate in the UMF network.