PasteandPay Gambling Review – How To Use PasteandPay To Deposit Into Online Casinos, Sportsbooks And Poker Sites

PasteandPay, also referred to as EZ Voucher, is a prepaid voucher system which allows you to fund your online gambling account by redeeming the amount of the voucher to fund your account at any of the secure and reputable prepaid online casinos, prepaid online poker sites, or prepaid online sportsbooks that we feature in this guide. It is a very secure and user friendly option that has really made life easier for players, especially for US players who often have trouble using their credit cards at online gambling sites or face challenges in obtaining International prepaid cards. The UIGEA bill which was passed in 2006 placed stringent regulatory oversight on how online gambling related transactions can be processed. While traditional credit card approval ratings have improved dramatically in many cases, United States players still face frequent transaction denials with credit cards, debit cards, and even prepaid cards. This being the case, the prepaid voucher systems that are available have been able to provide a reliable and secure alternative.

Update: Pasteandpay is no longer working as a viable option.  They don't even have a working website anymore. For casinos, the prepaid option we recommend is MST Gift Cards.  For sports betting and poker, Bitcoin betting sites are going to be one of your best options.

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    Casinos That Accept PasteandPay Prepaid Vouchers

    Sun Palace logo400% Max $6,0005.0 ⭐️USA Flag iconVisit Site
    LV USA logo400% Max $10,0004.9 ⭐️USA Flag iconVisit Site
    Vegas Casino logo300% Max $3,0004.9 ⭐️USA Flag iconVisit Site
    SlotsPlus logo400% Max $10,0004.9 ⭐️USA Flag iconVisit Site

    Sportsbooks That Accept EZ Voucher

    There are no longer any sportsbooks that accept Paste And Pay in 2017.  We recommend checking out one of the reputable sportsbooks that accept Bitcoin.

    SiteBonusRatingUSA Visit
    Bovada logo50% Max $1,0005.0 ⭐️USA Flag iconVisit Site
    Bet US Brand Logo125% Max $3,1254.8 ⭐️USA Flag iconVisit Site
    MyBooike Brand Logo50% Max $1,0004.7 ⭐️USA Flag iconVisit Site
    BetOnline logo100% Max $1,0004.7 ⭐️USA Flag iconVisit Site
    Sportsbetting ag logo100% Max $1,0004.5 ⭐️USA Flag iconVisit Site

    Poker Sites Accepting PasteandPay EZ Voucher

    SiteBonusRatingUSA Visit
    Bovada logo100% Max $5005.0 ⭐️USA Flag iconVisit Site
    BetOnline logo100% Max $1,0004.7 ⭐️USA Flag iconVisit Site
    Sportsbetting ag logo100% Max $1,0004.5 ⭐️USA Flag iconVisit Site

    How PasteandPay Secure Payment Vouchers Work

    In the cashier menu of each of the gambling sites featured below, you will see PasteandPay or some other type of prepaid voucher system available. They all pretty much work the same, and since these brands have been vetted by a team of online gambling professionals, we know that we can trust any of the voucher systems associated with their cashier. Some will say PasteandPay or EZ Voucher, while others will be listed as Secure Voucher Payments. You will see both a 'purchase voucher' button and a 'redeem voucher' button. Obviously you just select the one that applies to your circumstances.

    When you are purchasing a voucher, you will be directed to a data entry screen which allows you to complete the purchase of the voucher. You will then be supplied with the necessary information to use in redeeming the voucher and funding your online gambling account. Its very easy, and I have never had an issue in completing the process from beginning to end. It is also a very fast process, taking less than 2 minutes of my time to make the voucher purchase. Using PasteandPay gambling deposits, or any prepaid virtual voucher is a preferable funding option in my opinion due to the ease of use, the streamlined process, and the secure nature of the deposits. Within moments you are up and running at Pasteandpay casinos, sportsbooks or poker rooms.

    Another nice feature of PasteandPay - EZ Voucher gambling deposits is the fact that these prepaid vouchers automatically provide a self imposed spending limit. Players can only redeem the amount of the voucher that was purchased, hence you cannot overspend in the heat of the moment during an emotional response to a win or loss, which we all know is very easy to do, no matter how experienced you are in the online gambling arena. Self imposed spending limits can keep players from getting into financial trouble, but when you have a large line of credit or access to your life savings as your funding option, it is much harder to stick to that limit in certain situations. Virtual prepaid voucher gambling deposits eliminate this risk quite effectively at PastseandPay sportsbooks, poker sites and casinos.

    Should you determine that a prepaid voucher system is not the option you'd like to go with for funding your online gambling, then we recommend you learn more about MST gift card gambling or UnionPay gambling deposits. Both are US friendly options for account funding and transfers.

    If prepaid cards are more to your liking, then we also provide reviews on multiple brands that fall into this category as well: prepaid Visa, Prepaid MasterCard, Prepaid American Express, and GreenDot MoneyPak. All of these options are US friendly and highly secure, and while I have used each one of them successfully, they do come with a little more of an unpredictable success record than the prepaid options mentioned above as alternatives to a prepaid voucher system. For UK players, EntroPay is a reliable electronic prepaid card that is available either as a virtual Visa card or a physical MasterCard, both operating on a prepaid basis loaded online using your credit or debit card. Additional UK friendly prepaid options include EcoPayz, WebMoney, Ukash and PaySafeCard.

    Below you will find a list of trusted, reputable, and secure online gambling sites which accept PasteandPay, or some type of high quality prepaid voucher system. Our team of professionals has personally vetted each of them, ensuring that they are legally licensed and compliance certified to operate within the industry, that they boast a world class security profile, and that they offer an overall high quality online gambling experience. We have also personally and successfully used prepaid vouchers on each of these sites to fund our gambling accounts, thereby using our personal experience with this funding option to recommend these brands to you. We assure you that they are industry leaders that place the highest priority on player security and satisfaction. Using EZ Vouchers as a prepaid gambling deposit method will be a piece of cake and effective for funding your account. You can learn more about this prepaid voucher system by visiting the PasteandPay official website (no longer working).

    Disclaimer: Pasteandpay does not endorse this website or any other online gambling resource/betting venue.