Jaxx Wallet Joins Ranks Of Prepaid Instant-Buy Crypto Stores

prepaid gambling with jaxx crypto wallet

Prepaid online gambling is all about playing your favorite games and betting on you favorite sports without having to use time-consuming old-school funding methods like checks, bank wires, or credit cards. And while there are many different prepaid bet funding options (i.e. prepaid cards, P2P vouchers, and so on), the best of these – by … Read more

‘Prepaid’ Sports Betting Payouts Retire With Tom Brady

tom brady retirement from nfl 2022

Here at PrepaidGambling, we typically confine ourselves to the financial side of online betting. Of course, once a year, a single event pops up that pushes everything else to the wayside: The Super Bowl. Only this year, the Super Bowl isn’t the biggest piece of NFL action. That honor actually falls to Tom Brady. Of … Read more

Atomic Wallet: The Fastest Way For New Online Gamblers To Bet With Crypto

atomic wallet store

In the past, we’ve covered just about every different way there is to buy cryptocurrency with which to make prepaid online gambling deposits. We’ve discussed the major crypto exchanges themselves, as these are the most popular entry points for new holders. However, their account verification processes and liquidity requirements mean that first-time buyers often have … Read more

PayPal Coinbase Partnership Helps You Buy Crypto For Prepaid Gambling

use paypal on coinbase

For those new to the crypto game – particularly those who are also thinking about signing up with a reputable prepaid online gambling site – there’s always an issue buying in for the first time. If you’ve never bought cryptocurrency before, the process for doing so is time-consuming and – let’s be real, here – … Read more

New Crypto Gamblers Can Streamline Deposits With Coinify

buy crypto with coinify

For most online gamblers in the United States, deposits to and withdrawals from the top betting sites has gotten considerably easier over the years. In the late 2000s, the UIGEA reared its ugly head and made online bet funding a difficult, tedious process, but the advent of cryptocurrencies and other financial workarounds have largely obviated … Read more

Why Prepaid Gambling Sites Don’t Accept Your Favorite Altcoins Yet

crypto altcoins

In the online casino and sports betting space, the biggest trend of the last several years has been to bet with cryptocurrency. But even though there are upwards of 2500 active cryptocurrencies being traded on global exchanges, the best prepaid gambling sites for US players only accept a tiny fraction of them. For many players … Read more

Prepaid Gambling Sites Post Record Super Bowl Handle Despite COVID Doom And Gloom

Tom Brady holding up Super Bowl trophy

Tom Brady, Mahomey, and COVID, oh my! Yes, Super Bowl LV – between TB’s new-look Buccaneers and the defending champion Kansas City Chiefs helmed by Patrick “The Face of the League” Mahomes himself – had all the ingredients for a blockbuster… Except for the projected ratings and betting handle. In fact, the American Gaming Association … Read more

Neteller and Skrill Users: Expect Big Hairy Changes

Neteller and Skrill Digital Wallets

Neteller and sister digital wallet Skrill will be forced to adopt some different policies come March 13th, 2019. Many digital wallet users of Neteller and Skrill are expecting unappealing changes to come in the new year as told via an emailed update from the brands. Unfortunately, there is no way to opt-out of these changes. … Read more

Prepaid Card Market to Hit $3.6 Trillion by 2022

Money and prepaid cards

The market for prepaid cards, one of the most simple and useful methods of payment for online gambling, is expected to see massive growth over the next few years. A study performed by Research Cosmos and published by BIS Report Consulting found the global prepaid cards market was valued at $892 billion in 2017 and … Read more